What is Imaginary Line?

What is the Difference between Imaginary and Real? Why is it called Imaginary Lines? What are the important Imaginary Lines? What is the Imaginary Line on Earth called? What are Orbit and Orbital?
what is imaginary line

Have you ever wondered about all the imaginary things that are actually imaginary but have great importance? You must have known about the imaginary lines that our Earth is covered with. But what is imaginary line and why is there an imaginary line on Earth? You must have become curious by now and might be wondering what are the important imaginary lines and why you cannot see them. So, let’s start and find out all about what is imaginary line and the difference between imaginary and real line.

1. What is the Difference between Imaginary and Real?

Imaginary thing is something that does not exist in real life. It exists in the stories but does not have any relevant proof of being true. The imaginary figures are to teach people the lessons of good or bad through stories and tales. This is an interesting way to make people and children learn about various things. Those can also be just plain stories that are meant for entertainment with fictional characters. The superpowers that the characters possess are imaginary and they do not exist in real life. An example of this can be the Marvel and DC movies where characters have powers and duties to fulfill. These clearly do not exist in real life.

Whereas real is the opposite of imaginary, something that is real is around us. We have proof that they exist. Real things are factual and can be proven anytime unlike imaginary or fictional things. These are genuine things that are around us and not something that is made up. The authenticity of something that is real can be proven without any hassle. The most logical difference between imaginary and real things is that real things can be sensed by our senses or can be proven by scientific methods. An example of this is the nature around us. Even though it is constantly changing, it exists and is real. It can be seen, felt, heard, smelled, and can be tasted too.

2. What is Imaginary Line?

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Imaginary lines can have many meanings.

  • In geometry, it is a line that has just the starting point and no end point. It can go to infinity too.
  • In the Cartesian plane, the x-axis, which is the horizontal line, is considered the real line. Whereas the y-axis, which is the vertical line, is considered an imaginary line.
  • On Earth, there are many lines that are imaginary. They do not exist physically and their definitions are abstract. These lines are used in the field of study and make the understanding of things clearer for everyone. Even though they do not exist physically, they play a very important role. Example: Equator. This is your best example of what is imaginary line on Earth.
  • To explain what is imaginary line in space is, you can define the boundary between the earth’s atmosphere and the beginning of space. This line is called the Kármán line. Edge of space is also its other name.

3. Why is it called Imaginary Lines?

These lines are called imaginary lines because they do not exist in real life. They do not have any physical attributes to prove to them that they are real. Then what is imaginary line and why do we need them? They exist not in reality and are useful for studying and making things easy to understand. They do not physically exist. (See 18 Fun Facts About Space)

4. What is Difference between Real and Imaginary Line?

The difference between real line and imaginary line is that the real line has specific points that define its existence. These are not made-up things and have proof of their existence.

The imaginary lines are the reverse of real and hence, do not have any proof of their existence. They exist fictionally. They are not factual. They are used to make things easier in the study of certain concepts. (See What is North South East West called on a Map?)

5. How many Imaginary Lines are there?

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There are a total of 180 imaginary lines on the globe. These include all the latitudes and longitudes and all other lines such as the Equator, Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn, etc.

6. Why are Imaginary Lines important?

Imaginary lines are important because they help in geographical identification. These lines are the basis of mapping locations on the globe. The imaginary lines of longitudes help in setting the time zones around the world. It makes life easier by proving to be something based on which studies can be made. Must read What is the Difference between Latitude and Longitude?

7. What are the Important Imaginary Lines?

  • Equator: The equator best defines what is imaginary line as it passes through the middle of the Earth. It is located at 0° latitude. It is almost equally distanced from the North and South Pole. The widest part of the Earth is the Equator and it divides the Earth into Northern and Southern Hemispheres.
  • Tropic of Cancer: Tropic of Cancer is the parallel latitude on the globe. It is approximately 23¹/₂ degrees north of the equator. The Tropic of Cancer is the northernmost latitude that can be reached by the overhead sun. It marks the northern boundary of the Tropics too.
  • Tropic of Capricorn: The Tropic of Capricorn is also the parallel latitude on Earth. It is located approximately 23¹/₂ degrees south of the Equator. It is also the most southern latitude where the overhead sun can be reached. It too marks the southern boundary of the Tropics.
  • Prime Meridian: Prime Meridian is the longitude whose longitudes are defined as 0°. It is also known as Greenwich Meridian because of its location. This imaginary line divides the Earth into two hemispheres, the Eastern Hemisphere and the Western Hemisphere. The measuring system of longitudes starts from the Prime Meridian. The world’s time zones are based on this imaginary line.

8. What are the 2 Imaginary Lines?

The two types of important imaginary lines that help in the field of study are Parallels of Latitude and Meridians of Longitude. To better understand what is imaginary line, take a look at the following points:

  • Parallels of Latitude are the imaginary lines that go horizontally. They are small circles that go east to go around the earth. They connect all locations on the Earth. These lines do not ever intersect and are parallel to each other, hence the name Parallels of Latitude. The latitudes get smaller in size as their distance from the Equator increases. The nearer the latitude, the bigger it is and vice versa.
  • Meridians of Longitude are imaginary lines. Unlike latitudes, they run north to south around the earth. They meet at the north and south poles. They cross the latitudes and they both form a grid-like imaginary pattern around the earth. The longitudes are known as Meridians.

9. What is the Imaginary Line on Earth called?

The imaginary lines on Earth are called the latitudes and longitudes. These lines run from east to west and north to south respectively. The latitudes help in locating places accurately while the longitudes are important for the time zones since time zones are based on these lines around the globe. Also, check out what is the imaginary line that runs from the geographic north pole to south pole?

10. Is Orbit an Imaginary Line?

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The orbit is an imaginary line on which the Earth moves around the sun. The earth orbits around the sun at a slant angle. This slant is known as the axial tilt or obliquity. It is an imaginary regular path that is used by the Earth to orbit around the sun. (See Where does Earth End and Outer Space Begin?)

11. What is called Orbit?

There is an imaginary regular path in space on which the earth rotates around the sun. This regular path is known as the Orbit of the Earth. These orbiting paths are common to all the satellites present in space. The satellites include the planets, moons, asteroids, etc. This is another way to define what is imaginary line but these are also fixed paths. The satellites do not change their paths while orbiting. (See How Long does it Take to Get to Space?)

12. What is Orbit and Orbital?

Orbit is a defined path that an object, called a satellite, takes to revolve around another object. It is a curved, fixed path that is imaginary and does not have a real presence. It is a regular path that does not change its course.

Orbital is something that is related to the orbit of satellites in space. It can be anything around the orbit. (See What is the Difference between Tropical and Polar Regions?

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