What is Golden Delicious Apples?

What is a Golden Delicious Apple? What are its Nutritional Values? What is the Right Way to Store them?
What is Golden Delicious Apples?

Many of us are not aware of what is golden delicious apples and golden delicious apple calories, even though most of us love apples. So lets begin this fruitful journey!

1. Where did Golden Apples come from?

This variety of apples is a result of cross-pollination between Golden Reinette and Grimes Golden. The original tree was found on a private Mullins’ family farm located in Clay County in West Virginia, United States. Locals called that tree Mullin’s Yellow Seedling and Annit Apples.

Moreover, a Senate Resolution passed on 20-February-1995 Golden Delicious apples declared it as the official state fruit of West Virginia. (See What Is Sugar Apple Fruit?)

2. What is Golden Delicious Apples?

It is clear from the name that these apples are bright yellow in color. Harvested during the season from fall till winter, golden delicious apples are large and sweet. They are very delicate that a tiny mishandling can bruise and wither them. Thus, proper handling and storage arrangements are required for this elegant fruit.

Golden delicious apples are among the four varieties of apples that, were honored by the United States Postal Service in 2013. A set of four stamps worth 33 cents were made commemorating historical strains. The other three apples were Baldwin, Granny Smith, and Northern Spy. (See Types of Green Apples)

3. What is their Nutritional Value?

A medium-sized golden delicious apple with skin contains approximately 96 calories.

  • It is also rich in fiber (4.1 grams), sodium (3.4 Milligrams), sugar (17 grams), calcium (10 Milligrams), proteins (0.5 grams), carbs (23 grams), and fat (0.3 grams).
  • It also contains 0.2 milligrams of iron, 16.9 milligrams of Phosphorus, and 169 milligrams of Potassium.
  • A golden delicious apple has 86% water and 0% fat. (See How Much is Water Content in Watermelon?)

Overall a 100gram serving of Golden Delicious Apples provides 47 kiloCalories of energy.

What is Golden Delicious Apples?

4. How do the 6 Micronutrients Help?

Golden delicious apples are rich in vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 along with fiber. All these micronutrients have different effects on our bodies as explained below:

  • Vitamin C supports and enhances our immune system. It is also beneficial for good skin, and better blood vessels reduce fatigue and tiredness. It also helps in maintaining mental by protecting our cells.
  • Vitamin B6 also serves the same purpose as Vitamin C, but it gives the extra benefit of improving our hair health.
  • Potassium is well known to balance the blood pressure in our body. It is also helpful in proper muscle movement and accurate functioning of our nervous system.
  • Fiber is required for the healthy functioning of the excretory system. It relieves various digestion-related problems while maintaining healthy body weight. It also reduces the risk of cancer, improves heart health, protects and prevents the development of diabetes.
  • Magnesium reduces fatigue and tiredness. It helps over healthy cell divisions and maintains muscles, teeth, and bone health. It also enhances the proper functioning of the nervous system and continues good mental health.
  • Copper is needed for protecting our cells from damage caused by free radicals. It also acts as an energy booster. 

It contains two types of Phytochemicals as well. 

  • Quercetin provides protection from cardiovascular diseases. It protects the liver, kidneys and improves our mental health. It also reduces the chances of allergies, choking, and hay fever.
  • Flavonoids provide protection against cataracts, strokes, osteoporosis by helping excretion of toxins from the body on a daily basis. It is beneficial for maintaining a healthy heart and blood pressure.

What is Golden Delicious Apples?

5. What are the Health Benefits of Golden Delicious Apples?

  • They are beneficial in relieving Asthma. Consuming Golden Delicious apples improves pulmonary functions and also reduce bronchial hypersensitivity.
  • What is golden delicious apple benefits is that it helps improve the cardiovascular system and lowers the risks of stroke and cerebrovascular diseases.
  • It is also known to prevent memory problems arising with old age.
  • They are helpful in managing sugar levels in the body. It also regulates and manages type-2 diabetes mellitus. (See Top 20 Foods that contain Antioxidants)

6. What are its Uses?

  • Golden delicious apples are mainly used in preparing apple sauces, and apple butter.
  • However, they can be enjoyed raw too. They usually add color and flavor to the salads.
  • They are used in puddings and sauces because of their sweet taste.
  • They can be enjoyed in mixed fruit juices.
  • Their thin slices can be spread over an apple pudding or apple pies for some extra flavor.
  • They are also used as an ingredient in apple cakes. (See How Are Photographs Put On Cakes?)
  • Moreover, they can be served as stuffed apples with the filling of one’s own choice.

7. How to Store Them Appropriately?

Apart from handling them properly, maintaining the appropriate temperature for storing them is also necessary.

  • Refrigeration is required, but relative humidity should be maintained between 80 – 90 %.
  • We should avoid keeping any other foodstuffs with a strong smell because these apples are odor absorbers. A good way to What is golden delicious apples to keep them odor-free is to store them in zip lock bags and they will stay fresh for up to a week.
  • Adding a little lime or orange juice to the apple will be helpful in slowing down the oxidation process if storing peeled or sliced apples. (See What Does Pickle Mean?)
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