What is Food Art?

What is the meaning of Food Art? Who made the Art of Food for the first time? Which are the most famous Food Paintings? Are there any famous Food Artists and what is their specialty? What is the Thesis regarding considering Food as Art?
what is food art

It is remarkable how food and art are combined. Cooking is an art in itself. Followed by the art of presenting it on a platter. But making art with food on canvas or a platter is different from cooking. If you are aware of this culinary technique, then you have got the right idea. If you are unaware of the art food and after reading this you might wonder, can food be art? Nothing to worry about, because today you will get to know about what is food art and art made with food.

1. Can Food be Art?

Yes, it is just like any other art form but can also give you a sense of taste. Every item of food including vegetables, fruits, cereals, baked goods, etc. can be used in making art from it. However, according to Consumption Exclusion Thesis by Hegel, food cannot be considered art because it is consumed. Hegel also mentioned that art is timeless and long-lasting and food lacks both of these characteristics.

In Interest Exclusion Thesis, Kant mentioned that aesthetic appreciation is characterized by disinterested pleasures. He further added that a work of art should not be judged on the grounds of personal interests. But many believe that food art can be considered one of its parts. (See What is a Theme in Art?)

2. What is Food Art?

A painting of fall leaves and a basket full of apples: what is food art 3

An attractive visual display of art that is prepared from edible objects is known as food art. It is either presented in 2D (two-dimensional) or 3D (three-dimension). The term food art includes painting or any art form showing food items, sculpture, painting, or design made from food as a material, and using any edible thing in any form (solid or liquid) to create a piece of art (painting, sculpture, etc.). (See Anthropomorphic Art Meaning with Examples)

3. Who made the First Art Food?

The cave paintings from the Stone Age are the first-ever pieces of art painted with fruit juices. They used crushed fruits, meat, and other food items to make those paintings on the wall. Egyptians carved the hieroglyphic tablets with pictographs of bread and crops. (See What is Pointillism Art?)

4. Who adopted the Method in Later Periods?

The Renaissance period saw a sharp growth in inventions, art, literature, and other things. It was during this era that an Italian painter, Giuseppe Arcimboldo painted puzzle-like portraits in which the fruits, flowers, and vegetables were used for depicting facial features. This painting was called The Four Seasons. (See What is the Most Expensive Truffle?)

5. Who introduced to the Modern World Art made with Food?

A crab made from bread slices: what is food art 2

During the pop art era in 1950, Wayne Thiebaud, an American painter, made paintings of pies and cakes in bright colors. Around the same time, artists started using food as an art material.

Swiss-German artist Dieter Roth made the Staple Cheese-A Race. This piece of art shows 37 suitcases filled with cheese. This gives a new definition of what is food art and you know the cheese depicted in this was real cheese. (See What is the History of Waffles?)

6. What are the famous Food Paintings?

Various artists have used food items to make paintings to give a better understanding of Vertumnus by Giuseppe Arcimboldo, and here you will get to know about the top 10 food paintings in the world.

  • Apples and Oranges by Paul Cézanne.
  • Vertumnus by Giuseppe Arcimboldo.
  • Still Life with Ham, Lobster, and Fruit by Jan Davidsz. de Heem.
  • Still Life with Cherries, Strawberries, and Gooseberries by Louise Moillon. Must read the List of Snacks with No Carbs.
  • Still Life with Apples by Vincent van Gogh.
  • Campbell’s Soup Cans by Andy Warhol.
  • Still Life with Cheese by Floris Claesz. van Dijck.
  • Figure with Meat by Francis Bacon.
  • The Potato Eaters by Vincent van Gogh.
  • Mound of Butter by Antoine Vollon. (See What Color does Red and Purple Make?)

7. Are there any famous Food Artists?

Chefs are not the only people to become famous for their cooking skills. Artists using food as an art material and creating masterpieces are also famous. Alison Anselot, Amelia Harnas, Andrew Gorkovenko, Beth Galton, Caitlin Freeman, Hong Yi, Jason Mecier, Julie Lee, and Robin Antar are some of the most famous food art artists. (See The Art of Teaching Art)

8. What are their Famous Art Works?

Two jam biscuits joining head: what is food art 1

  • Alison Anselot is a food photographer who uses composed food shots. Her style comprises combining the hues of food with the same-colored background.
  • Amelia Harnas converts wine (red preferably) stains into beautiful portraits. It is yet another way of understanding what is food art.
  • Andrew Gorkovenko makes dried tea art.
  • Beth Galton is a food stylist and photographer who creates collections showing the motion and texture of food.
  • Caitlin Freeman is a pastry chef who makes exquisite designs with pastries, creams, chocolates, etc.
  • Hong Yi makes food items into pieces of art that comprise nothing but food. She is also known as Red.
  • Jason Mecier makes paintings from almost everything, like cereals, goldfish crackers, donuts, and much more.
  • Julie Lee is a food blogger who makes food collages from things grown in her and neighborhood gardens.
  • Robin Antar makes stone sculptures of everyday things which include food items on a large basis and they look edible enough to confuse you. (See 26 Lesser Known Wine Cork Art Ideas)

Overall, art made with food and art food can be considered a form of art irrespective of its diminishing factors. It is time to share this information about what is food art and clear the confusion about food being art among your friends and family. (See What are Egg Roll Wrappers made of?)

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