What is Fondant?

What Is Fondant and What Is It Made of? How Fondant is Made?
What is Fondant?
  1. What is Fondant?

    If you wish to bake a fancy cake, then it is an important term for you. Fondant is technically a type of icing. It is commonly used to decorate cake, pastries, or cupcakes. Fondant is a soft, flexible, and edible substance that is used for sculpting cakes. It possesses a different icing texture, which makes it truly unique.

  2. Types of Fondants

    It comes in various forms, but the most common are rolled and poured. People choose the form as per their convenience and the type of dessert they are making. The good thing is that both of them are easy to use and edible.

  3. What is a Poured Fondant?

    It is a liquid topping that is poured over baked cakes for providing them with a uniform finish. It is a sweet and creamy paste that can also fill in pastries, candies, or cakes. Poured Fondant is mostly created by using sugar, water, and corn syrup.

  4. What is Rolled Fondant?

    It is like a dough, and to make it flexible, gelatin or glucose is added to it. Once it becomes a dough, then sheets are made out of it, coloured and used in decorating cakes. Just like the poured Fondant, it is also created by powdered sugar, water, and corn syrup.

  5. What is Fondant made of?

    It is quite different from regular icing; you cannot decorate the cake or make 3D effects regularly. Fondant is essential if you wish to create a pretty cake along with good taste. It is produced by supersaturating water with sugar. At room temperature, water can only hold so much sugar.

    Even when you cooked to the boiling point, water can hold twice as much sugar. Therefore, for making the perfect Fondant, you need to mix boiling water with sucrose till the time it becomes a softball. For extra stability, sometimes cream of tartar is also added. Once this is ready, then you can roll it into sheets for making rolled Fondant.

  6. Flexible

    The part about Fondant is that it is flexible, and you can mould it into any shape you wish. You can colour them with dyes, which makes them a perfect substance for decorating the cakes.

  7. Is Fondant edible?

    This question stops a lot of people to use Fondant. But, you need not worry as it is 100% edible. Its icing is edible, but many people remove it from the cake as they do not like its flavour or texture.

  8. Go creative with fondants

    If you love baking cakes, this is the best decorating element you have. You can use any colour you wish, make its petals, flowers, snowflakes, crown, cars, or any shape you wish to make it look better. You can also use luster dust on it to make it look even better.

  9. Ingredient needed to make homemade Fondant?

    It is effortless to make homemade Fondant, and there are just a couple of things required to make it. You would require 2 tsp unflavored gelatin, ½ cup glucose syrup or corn syrup, 1 tablespoon glycerine, 2 tablespoons shortening or butter, 1 tablespoon vanilla extract and 8 cups sifted confectioner’s sugar.

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