What is Considered a Functional Region?

What is a Functional Region? What are the Examples of the Functional Region? Is New York a Functional Region? Which Regions in the United States have the Formal Regions?
What is Considered a Functional Region
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The functional region is essentially the center of any activity or region that is involved. What is considered a functional region can be referred to as a place where a particular activity serves the primary function. The surrounding areas are reliant on the central hub, which is influenced by the connections between them on the internet, in networks, in society, and in the economy. Functional region occurs due to several reasons and there are many examples of functional regions, but before that, we will learn what is considered a functional region in detail, also, is New York City a functional region?

1. What is Considered a Functional Region?

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A functional region is an area that is organized around the central hub. The places that encompass it depend on the central hub by political, social, or any economic bond. They are known as the functional region as the whole area has one common characteristic. It happens in the focal point and then goes away. It is identified by the constant flow and the central hub. (See How was Rome a Site of Encounter?)

2. What are the Examples of Functional Regions?

Take a look at the following examples to understand what is considered a functional region

  • Newspaper Distribution – Newspaper circulation is the first example of the functional region. The city serves as the central hub where the newspaper editor’s office is located. It is connected by various routes to suburbs. The newspaper readers stay in the city and the number decreases if you go to the suburbs.
  • Departmental Store – The departmental store has customers from a particular trade. It focuses on the area which will have a lot of customers. If the store is located in the surrounding area where the transportation networks have all the routes, then it is good for business.
  • Metropolitan City – Metropolitan area is the best example of a functional region. The central hub is the important part which is thickly populated and with huge employment. The surrounding areas have pathways, trade and transport routes which people take daily to commute to their workplace.
  • School Area – The school area is a functional region that has large groups of schools. These schools have pickup points that help students to go to different parts of the city. Anyway, students have to go to the school which is connected to the central hub and has transportation routes. More schools will have more resident areas.
  • Banking – The banks have the best functional region example. If banks are available nearby, people could easily visit banks frequently. If the bank has branches, they can be established in different areas.

3. Is New York City a Functional Region?

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Now that you know what is considered a functional region, let’s see if New York City is a functional region or not. New York is located in the northeastern United States on the Hudson River. New York has the best culture which has a city filled with art, fashion, and history. Yes, it is under the functional region, where everything lies under the city area and is easy to commute. (See What is Washington DC Time Zone Right Now?)

4. What is a Formal Region?

A formal region is an area of recognized boundaries. Formal regions are made up of boundaries for cities, countries, states, and countries. They have a political affiliation, nationality, and culture which has religion and geographical features. (See What is an Antecedent Boundary?)

5. What is the Difference Between Functional and Formal Regions?

A formal region is an exact area that is stated by the economic, physical properties, culture, or government bodies. The formal region is also known as the uniform region as it shares a lot of physical or cultural features. They are called uniform as they are united with uniform soil and climate which results in uniform land use.

A region that is divided or located for a function is called the functional region. It is made up of a specific location and area which is around it. The area has a kind of service, cable television or map points which helps in travel or communication with the help of telephone. Must read What is a Subsequent Boundary in AP Human Geography?

6. Is Corn Belt a Formal Region?

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The corn belt is the region in the United States which is located in Kansas, Illinois, Nebraska, and Missouri. Corn belts are rich in fertile soils and the name suggests it is helpful for supporting different names where agriculture and farming can be done. The U.S. Corn Belt is a formal region as it has boundaries and one feature which is common throughout the region. The main reason is the cultivation of crops.

The nodal area or center hub are other names for the functional region. The area with the most social, economic, and political exchange within the functional region is considered to be its primary node. It is a collection of actions that take place at a planned central location or focal point. Similar to this, the functional region of the United States includes New York, a city with a lot of art and lovely visions. You now have a better understanding of what is considered a functional region and examples of functional regions, thanks to this article. (Also read What is a superimposed boundary?)

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