What is Area Code 855?

What is an Area Code? What is Area Code 855? Who uses these Types of Area Codes? How to Get a Toll-Free Number? How to Identify a Scam Call?
what is area code 855

Spam calls have become inevitable in this 21st century. Everyone is getting scam calls at least five times a day, not excluding me. If you have noticed these calls usually start with 855 and this 855 area code, location, and time zone traces to no city or place. Have you wondered what is area code 855? With the increase in scams through phones, this unknown area code can be intimidating. You will know what should one do if one encounters the 855 area code as you continue reading the article.

1. What is an Area Code? 

An area code is a number assigned to a broad area and is present as part of a telephone number based on which number receives the call. This is usually present just after the country and access codes. And if you are calling a person who resides in the same area as you, it is not necessary to use the area code. For example, in the United States, area codes are a three-digit number that comes before the telephone number of a person which has seven digits in them.

The local number gives an idea about a specific town or a neighborhood but an area code gives details about an entire county or a larger part of a city. You might wonder, what is area code 855? Read the next segments to have a complete idea about it. (See What do they mean by Address Line 2?)

2. What is Area Code 855?

what is area code 855 2

Area codes are connected to specific cities or neighborhoods. But what’s special about area code 855 is that there is no specific area assigned for it. Instead, the area code 855 is a toll-free service code in the United States, Canada, and several other countries around the world and that can be used sometimes to scam people.

The area code 855 can be used by any caller and you would not be able to find the exact location and time zone of the caller in any way. There are several other area codes in the record by Federal Communication Commission: 800, 833, 844, 866, 877, and 888. (See What City in the United States uses the AreaAcode 800?)

3. Who Uses these Codes to Hide their Exact Location and Time Zone?

To make promotions and other types of customer care calls hassle-free, these area codes are purchased by companies, corporations, establishments, and sometimes individuals. The calls with these area codes can be used within the country and sometimes from abroad also.

The area code 855 was put into service on 29 July 2009. Since the fees for long-distance calls are high, companies and individuals buy area code 855 for their convenience. Besides reading about what is area code 855, you should know that the purchase of area codes like 855 is monitored by the Federal Communication Commission. (See Why some people hate using voice messages?)

4. How to Get a Toll-Free Number?

what is area code 855 1

If your business or company has branched out beyond your area limits, it is best to know what is area code 855 and purchase a toll-free number so that your customers can reach out to you without the worry of extra fees over a long distance. Most times the toll-free numbers are regulated by FCC or Federal Communication Commission. The toll-free numbers are mostly filtered by the responsible organization that auctions these numbers. There are also service providers for toll-free numbers who make it easy and affordable to buy these toll-free numbers. (See Why smartphones are bad for society?)

5. Is 855 Area Code a Scam?

Along with digital growth, the number of scams has also increased. Scammers all around the world lure people into traps by personifying them as bankers and business people to get the personal information of others.

And yes, it is a scam and it is always best to be aware of what is area code 855 and take precautions about calls coming from area code 855. To avoid victimization by these types of scam calls using toll-free area codes, it is always safe to look up the contact information once to make sure that they are legitimate. (See Is Qnet a scam)

6. How to Identify a Scam Call?

what is area code 855 3

Though it is difficult to find the geographical location when one gets a call from area code 855 as it isn’t tied to any specific area, there is a possibility to check the legitimacy of the caller. As you already know, what is area code 855, and how it can be used to scam people, here are some ways to know the genuineness of the call:

  • One of the easier ways to check if the call is not spam is always to google it. Although this idea sounds so generic, it is one of the best ways for companies to use the toll-free area codes along with their customer care contact number on their websites so that people can reach out to them. (See Why do people fall into scam?)
  • You can also opt for using a phone book or their online version of them to check the company’s contact details.
  • Another one of the best and most efficient ways to search the legitimacy of the caller is by searching the number in the Somos database who are the administrators of the toll-free area code numbers. Though the owners of the toll-free area codes are not revealed in the database for privacy reasons, the database will offer the name and the number of the responsible organization which provides the area code 855
  • If the area code is not in the database then you can know that you are dealing with a spam call or a scammer.
  • If you are getting spammed by area code 855 repeatedly you can block the number from your phone. Despite being blocked, if you are getting spammed from these toll-free area code numbers for a longer time, you can report the activity to FCC and if it isn’t as serious as the above, you have no other option but to block them. (See What happens when you block someone on iPhone?)

So, today in this article you learned about what is area code 855 and how to know if the area code 855 is a scam. Spread the awareness among your friends too and make sure that you take precautions while picking up these calls. (See 10 Tips to Know If You Were Stranded on a Desert Island)

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