What Is Algebra Used For In Real Life?

Who invented Algebra? How is Algebra used for Kids? What is the Use of Algebra in Real Estate? How do We use Algebra in Cooking and Shopping?
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Mathematics problems were one of your biggest fears as a kid. Even today kids have to deal with them as they are an essential part of everyone’s life. When you are unable to solve algebra problems, you might wonder in frustration, what is algebra used for in real life? In this article, we will answer what is algebra used for and surely you will be surprised.

1. Who invented Algebra?

Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi, a 9th-century Muslim mathematician and astronomer, invented algebra and is known as the Father of Algebra. It is the study of mathematical symbols that involves manipulating, prooving, or simplifying the rules in order to get the desired result. You may be surprised to know that apart from mathematics, algebra is heavily used in your daily lives. You might ask, what is algebra used for in real life? Continue to read the next segments to know all about it. (Also read When Were Numbers invented?)

2. How to make Schedules with Algebra?

To schedule activities for your whole day, you unintentionally use algebra. You divide the hours and sum up the time you need to do them. Most of the algebraic expression is done by your mind while preparing that list. For example, you plan to reach college at 9 am, so you will set the alarm for 7:30 or 8 am because you mentally calculated the time you will need to get ready before leaving for college. (Also read  What Do You Mean By Prime Number?)

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3. How do Kids’ Spatial Intelligence use Algebra?

Young kids or toddlers also use algebraic calculations mentally. It sounds unbelievable, but it is true. You must have seen them trying to hold things while they stand and walk. They are walking and calculating simultaneously the distance and time before they hit something. 

It seems like they are more intelligent than us as adults. Similarly, they also calculate the force, speed, and direction of the ball while trying to catch it. Though not accurate each time, they are using it. (Also read Infinite Monkey Theorem Proof

4. What is Algebra used for in Real Life Regarding Astrological Calculations?

You must have noticed astrologers making figures and writing numbers before telling you the answers to your questions. These are calculations they are doing using algebra to find out the planets’ positions and revolution speed for a particular period. 

The Father of Algebra was also a known astronomer. He is known to have introduced a number system in which numbers were replaced by literal symbols. These calculations were used to find out various answers related to the planets and other heavenly bodies. (Also read The Art of Teaching Art)

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5. How is Algebra used for Interior Designing?

Architecture is the field that uses algebra at large. When deciding the right things to fit in a particular space, architects use different methods like measuring the space and dimensions of items. And calculate accordingly whether or not it will fit there. To decide a place to fit in many people for a meeting or function is one way for what is algebra used for in real life. (Also read Do Water Towers Hold Water?)

6. How does Real Estate uses Algebra?

Real estate is a business that involves buying, selling, and constructing land and buildings. People in real estate require workers, materials, vehicles, and machines to get the construction work done. In the end, they also have to pay wages, rent, and other related things to the workers. 

They use algebra to calculate total wages per head, rent of the machines used for particular hours, etc. They also use it in deciding which property should be built and sold to manage their profits and losses and for contingencies as well. (Also read What Causes Potholes?)

7. Is Algebra used in the Kitchen too?

Yes, you use it in the kitchen while cooking. Sometimes you have prepared the ingredients according to the food for five people. But when a few extra guests join you at dinner, you have to adjust the ingredients. In such a situation, you mentally calculate and decide. You know how much material is required to make the dish enough for everyone. So this might be one of the common answers to what is algebra used for in real life. (Also read How Many Cups are in 8 Ounces?)

8. Is Algebra helpful in Budgeting?

Accounting and mathematics are always together so why not algebra. Budgeting is the process of dividing the lump sum amount into divisions for different tasks. When you plan your monthly budget and divide the amount into different sections according to the estimated use like food, clothing, rent, etc. you are using algebra. (Also read Value of Buck Dollar)

9. How to find Tax Liability with Algebra?

Submitting income tax requires the calculation of your income and then calculating the amount of tax liable on you accordingly. It is a lengthy process but variables can be taken as incomes and the rest is calculated. Algebra helps in deciding tax and investment accurately for each person. (Also read Why Do You Have To Pay Taxes?)

10. Is Shopping also Done with Algebra?

What is algebra used for in real life? Well, yes you are not done with its uses yet before discussing its utility on shopping. You can use it to decide what to buy and what not to buy. You can decide it according to the amount you took to the market. Sometimes you even calculate the total amount for your order according to the quantities bought. In this way, you use algebra in shopping. (Also read How Calculator Works?)

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11. How does Computer Programming use Algebra?

Data sets, variables, and strings are all needed during the coding process. Programmers and coders assign values to these strings, variables, and data sets to reach the desired value at the end of the program. It is used to assign values, define functions and meet the coding objectives. (See Why Everyone Should Learn Programming?)

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12. How is Algebra used in Technological Advancements?

On decoding the functioning of modern devices like televisions, you can see planes, angles, axes, etc. used as variables. After you apply algebraic expressions to them, it will lead to the development of TV. Algebra helps in determining the necessary ratios, pixels, etc. The different sizes of televisions available in the market would not have been possible without the use of algebra in their manufacturing. (Also read How Does a Digital Camera Work?)

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