What is Air we breathe made up of?

What is the Composition of Pure Air? How does Air Pollution affect the Environment? Does Dry Air make you weak? Is Air Important for Living Things?
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The air includes nitrogen, oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, ozone, and many other elements. In addition to these gasses, the atmosphere has extra components such as smoke, dusk, acid drops, and pollen. The content of the atmospheric air changes continually according to season, weather, day-night and other geographical factors. Let us discuss the answers to what is air we breathe made up of, what is pure air made of, what is dry air made of and what is air pollution made up of.

1. What is Air we breathe made up of?

We know that air is a mixture of a variety of gases. It contains tiny particles called aerosols, such as dust and pollen, which are produced naturally as air blows. Air pollution-causing particles are also carried by this air. Animals have trouble breathing when there are too many dangerous airborne particles present. (See Is Air an Element, Compound or mixture)

2. How clean is your Air?

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We know, that air contains a lot of contaminated particles, such as carbon monoxide and ozone that affects our respiratory systems. However, air conditioning can help reduce the danger of carbon monoxide and help air get purified. (See How are Elements and Compounds Similar and Different?)

3. Where does it come from?

A lot of us are unaware that the air which we breathe today has been around for thousands of years. Plants and trees play an important role in the production of oxygen in the air we breathe. The plants engage in the process of photosynthesis in which they use sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide to create oxygen. Do check out what are the end products of photosynthesis)

4. What is Air Pollution made up of?

The term air pollution shows how some environmental toxins affect the air. Among the sources of air pollution are cars, factories, household ignition devices, and forest fires. Additionally, it contains public health pollutants such as carbon monoxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, and sulphide oxide. (Also read 12 Facts about Fog Breath)

5. What causes Air Pollution?

After understanding what is air we breathe made up of, note that air pollution is caused by harmful gases and chemicals that are released into the air. What is air pollution made up of? It is essentially pollutants which include small particles of nitrogen oxide and sulphur dioxide that enter our respiratory system. Breathing disorders and other illnesses caused by air pollution have a negative impact on health. (See 14 Disastrous Health Effects of Smoking)

6. How does Air Pollution affect the Environment?

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There are a lot of sources that affect the environment. One of them is the release of GreenHouse Gas (GHG). These gases trap the earth’s heat in the atmosphere. It leads to warm temperatures and aggravates climate change. It also affects our health with some chronic respiratory diseases and lung cancer. ( See What are some negative effects of the Industrial revolution?)

7. How to avoid Air Pollution?

  • Try avoiding roads and high traffic areas.
  • Try reducing the use of harmful chemicals.

8. What is Pure Air made of?

The important element in the air we breathe is oxygen. The majority of air consists of two elements- 21% oxygen and 78% Nitrogen. The other 1% is the mixture of other gasses viz carbon dioxide, Argon, and others. The answer to what is air we breathe made up of and especially what is pure air made of are:

  • The essential fundamental of air is nitrogen.
  • Nitrogen, Oxygen, water vapour, and argon accumulate for 99% of the air.
  • The rest 1% have neon, methane, helium, krypton, hydrogen and ozone, and other components. (See What are Examples of Suspension?)

9. What is Dry Air made of?

The mixture of air which contains no water vapour as compared to moist air is dry air. This type of air has low relative humidity. So, what is dry air made of?

  • Composition – The air in the earth’s atmosphere is 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen.  It has other gasses such as carbon dioxide, neon, and hydrogen.
  • Sources – The dry air comes as by-product of cold weather and decreases the outdoor temperature of the air. 
  • Effects – It can disturb the respiratory organs and can lead to asthma, common cold, and nose bleeding. (See What are Physical Resources?)

10. Is Air Important for Living Things?

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What is air we breathe made up of? On Earth, it is a mixture of vital gases, including oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen, right? 

  • For Animals – Animals and humans both need oxygen to live. Oxygen is needed to inhale and carbon dioxide to exhale. Some air pockets in soil and water will help living things to live underwater and underground. For example, fish breathe and take oxygen from water with their gills. In the same manner, every animal is equipped to help them breathe.
  • For Plants – Plants breathe through carbon dioxide which comes from sun and water. They emit oxygen as a by-product of photosynthesis. Plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen from the tiny pores.
  • Other Living Organisms – Air is also necessary for other living organisms to help live in the soil. The soil helps them to decompose the waste and produce various gasses that mix with the atmosphere. It also improves the fertility of the soil and helps with pollination. (See What are examples of living things)

The air in our surroundings is critical. We must find ways to keep the air clean and pollution-free because we all rely on it. While some things can be addressed with simple human intervention, others require a little more effort. The majority of us are unaware of the advantages and disadvantages of air pollution. After reading the article on what is air we breathe made up of and what is air pollution made up of, let us all pledge to make our planet greener and healthier!

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