What is a Weeaboo?

What is the Meaning of Weeaboo or Weeb? What Exactly Is A “Weeaboo”?
What is a Weeaboo?
  1. What does Weeaboo mean?

    You might have heard it a lot of times. You might have seen a ‘weeb’ or a ‘weeaboo’ on Twitter or Facebook while checking out some posts or pictures of your friend or friend’s friend. So, what does it mean?

    Weeaboo is a slang term for a person obsessed with Japanese culture. Their life is sustained and narrowed down to anime, manga, and video games. Those people think and label the Japanese culture as the most superior culture in the world.

  2. The term weeaboo emerged as an alternative for the term Wapanese (an irregular contraction of white Japanese or Wannabe Japanese). Wapanese was often used on the website 4chan in the early 2000s to insult people who were biased towards Japanese culture. In 2004, the abusive term was added to the Racial Slur Database.

  3. Characteristics of weeaboo

    • Western people feel obsessed with Japanese culture because they forget their own culture and get more inclined towards the Japanese culture.
    • Obsessed with manga, anime, and other Japanese pop culture exports.
    • Even though it does not make any sense, interjecting Japanese words into their native language.
    • The language is solely based on the pop-culture exports, might not even be in the knowledge of Japanese people.
  4. The origin of weeaboo

    When some renowned anime series was translated and aired on TV in Western countries in the mid-90s, several hardcore fans emerged. Series like Pokemon, Dragonball, Sailor Moon and many others became a significant part of many people’s lives and got widespread across the digital highway to an even broader audience.

  5. Why would some people become Weeaboo?

    It is a question to be asked to all the fans, be it any sport, movies, music, or a cartoon character. Like sports fans worship their favourite team and paint their faces to support them while they are spectating at an event, and in case they lose, they run riot.

    Likewise, some people are obsessed with their favourite anime character, which might look strange to others, but it is an idol for those people, and they fantasize about them. This feeling influences them to become weeaboo.

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