What is a Mood Ring?

How Mood Ring Works? Do you know your Moods? What are the Colors? Are Mood Rings accurate?
What is a Mood Ring?

A person’s mood has a lot of effect on their activities. It is necessary to understand a person’s mood because based on his mood, you will be able to congratulate him if he is excited and cheer him up if he is sad. In today’s world, where people live in shells and have built walls around themselves, the mood ring will really help to make things better. You may ask, what is a mood ring and what are mood rings made of? Continue reading this article to find out what is a mood ring and more about mood ring stones. When a person cannot express their feelings, this mood ring helps them do the same. 

1. What is a Mood Ring?

Mood rings are rings that have a stone or band and change color in response to the finger temperature. The mood ring stone is made up of this crystal which has a thermochromic substance that is responsible for its color change. (Also read Facts Summary: Apple iRing)

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2. What are Mood Rings Made of?

The mood ring can change its color because of its thermochromic property. The ring consists of three layers: a bottom layer, a top layer, and a middle layer. (Also read All Battery Sizes with Pictures)

  • The bottom layer is originally the ring. This layer is made of sterling silver and may also be gold-plated. 
  • The middle layer consists of the thermochromic crystal. This crystal is responsible for the change in color due to the temperature change. This is the most important layer of the ring.
  • The top layer acts as protection and is made up of plastic or glass. It protects the layers below it from any damage. (Also read What is Metal Made of?)

3. How does Mood Ring Work?

Different people’s moods result in different finger temperatures based on the working of the thermochromic substance that changes color with temperature. Let’s look at the working of the mood ring in brie:

  • A person’s finger temperature changes due to peripheral blood flow. The autonomic nervous system or ANS regulates peripheral blood flow. The ANS acts unconsciously and controls the heart rate.
  • The heart rate of a person differs with different moods. The heart rate increases when a person is excited and stays normal when a person is low. All these results in a temperature change in a person’s finger, which in turn causes the mood ring to change color. (Also read 15 Unique Facts About Fingerprints)

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4. What are the Different Moods and their Colors?

A human has several moods, and for each mood, the mood ring shows different colors. Let’s see the different moods and the color changes in a mood ring:

Blue Content, merry, cheerful
Green Tranquil, peaceful, undisturbed
Yellow Nervous, confused, demented, unhinged
Gray Concerned, stressed, worried, anxious
Black Tired, overworked, oppressed, exploited
Violet Excited, dreamy, erotic

Now you know what is a mood ring and about its change in colors. The next segment will define how accurately it works. (Also read Woes of the Bored and Lonely Mind)

5. How Accurate is the Mood Stone Ring?

After knowing what is a mood ring and how it works, you should know how accurate is this ring. The following physical, psychological and climatic factors influence the change of color of the ring which is not always true to the situation.

  • The mood rings solely judge your mood based on the temperature change. Emotions are one of the things that could lead to a change in your finger temperature but this comes with lots of errors in it. (See Am I Passive Aggressive?)
  • Another factor that can effectively change the finger temperature is the climate which varies accordingly and mood does not depend on it.
  • A person’s health can also lead to a change in their temperature and so the mood can not be determined with utmost perfection. 

Many false cases will also make the mood ring change its color since they don’t take enough physiological factors into account for their readings and which is also not an easy task. So you should not expect mood rings to work properly. Thus, you can say that the mood ring is not 100% accurate. (Also read What Would Happen if There was No Sunlight?)

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6. How to take Care of your Mood Ring?

In all certainty, a mood ring will work accurately for a few years. However, if well taken care of, it will also last for decades.

  • Exposure to very high temperatures may also harm the crystal and make it unresponsive. So, be careful and keep your mood ring safe.
  • One thing that you need to take care of is that the mood ring stone is not waterproof. This means that the crystal will be destroyed if water seeps into it. Once this happens, the lustrous crystal turns black and will no longer respond to changes in temperatures. (Also read Where does Sea Glass come from?)
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