What is a Group of Horses called?

 Do horses live in Groups? Do Male and Female Horses have Different Names? What is the Leader of a Herd of Horses called?
what is a group of horses called
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Hold your horses! Are you ready to be fascinated by the facts of the four-legged, hoofed mammal, the horse? Well, you should as they are one of the few species that have an excellent memory. Research has shown that they remember people and also understand words to quite an extent. So, what is a group of horses called and do wild horses live in groups too? Let’s ride through and understand a bit about the string of horses in this article.

1. Why do Horses live in Groups?

Synchronization of activities is one important factor that draws horses among other animals to live together. Horses live in groups so that their basic needs such as reproduction and safety are looked after. They live in groups to coordinate and communicate about things they need to do together to live a safe life, apart from being social animals. In the next segments, you will learn many answers to what is a group of horses called. Also, check out where do horses live?

2. What is a Group of Horses called?

A group of horses is termed a herd. They are referred to by other names in accordance with their objectives. A stud is when horses are kept as a group for breeding and are also called colts. The group of colts is called a rag.

A harras is a herd of stud horses kept by individuals or a group for the purpose of breeding. Horses are given different names to differentiate. A stallion is a mature male horse whereas a female is called a mare. A stallion that is used in the process of breeding is a stud and a gelding is a castrated stallion.

Apart from domesticated horses, wild horses live in groups too. Another answer to what is a group of horses called is a team, which came into use because of activities they do together such as pulling things together or in sports. (See What is a Group of Monkeys Called?)

3. Is a Group of Horses called Herd?

what is a group of horses called 1
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Yes, one of the answers to what is a group of horses called is a herd. Horses are known to express social behavior just like humans. Herd also means a group that will run together if chased, you might have seen such instances in the national geographic or animal planet. There is also the simile that goes as fast as a horse, which is very true because they have a maximum sprint of 88 km/h. (See How much does it cost to buy a horse?)

4. What is a Pack of Horses?

When horses live in groups, they are also known as a pack of horses. They consist of adult horses and their young offspring, forming a pack. They move in groups to ensure safety. Horses are in fact a very important asset for humans from helping in fields and harvest to being a part of one of the most looked forward to games of horse riding which have been in play since the English had taken over certain parts of the world. Also, check out what is a group of ants called?

5. What is a String of Horses?

A group of horses that are racehorses or ponies is called a string of horses. These groups or strings are owned by individuals or groups for a purpose. For instance, a string of horses or ponies owned by a racehorse agency is brought up with the requirements and training for racing. The fastest horse in the world is the Thoroughbred Winning Brew, which is approved by none other than the Guinness world record in racehorse history. (See What is a Sheep Shelter called?)

6. How many Horses make a Herd?

To make up a herd, there isn’t a given number. For instance, horses live in groups of 2 and make up a herd while some live in groups of 50 and make a herd. Horse herds normally range from 25-40 horses. Wild horses live in groups of 2-25, consisting of adults and offspring. The horses live in groups and normally share a territory. Must read what is a herd of moose called?

7. What is the Leader of a Herd of Horses called?

what is a group of horses called 3
Photo by Doruk Yeminici

It is important to know that horses do have a leader based on certain requirements. The leader of a herd of horses is the largest and oldest mother in the herd, referred to as the matriarch. The other horses follow her directions as to where to eat, sleep and drink. They go after her in a line, respecting her. This is to keep in mind that horses live well for 25-30 years. 

Wild horses live in groups as well, constituting offspring and full-grown horses. Having a sleep time of only 3 hours, they are alert and moving as a group, and can look after their safety and food. This can also be proved by the fact that horses were one of the most drawn animals in prehistoric times. Being in the wild, they were domesticated to make lives easier for human beings. (See How Are Ponies and Horses Different?)

8. What is a Group of Wild Horses called?

An alternative name given to wild horses is feral horses. But the difference is that feral horses are taken from the wild and domesticated. Wild horses live in groups and are also referred to as a mob, herd, or harem. Many of the essential and basic needs of horses are fulfilled when they live as a group. Offspring, known as foals, learn about their roles while looking at their grownups as well. Also, check out the list of names for groups of animals.

9. Why do Wild Horses live in Groups?

A string of horses in the wild is always seen in a group, this is their method of survival. A group is beneficial for horses or for that reason to a lot of species as they are given the grooming, warmth, and fellowship from other horses of the herd.

While some horses are domesticated and taken care of by human beings, not having to worry about the next meal, the wild horses can only depend on themselves and their group members and have a difficult time looking for the essentials that they need. The phrase, eat like a horse, to an extent refers to the amount of food intake of horses. Keeping in mind that they are huge animals with strong limbs and strength, they require sufficient nutrients to stay well. (See What is the Scientific Name for Pig?)

10. What is a Group of Horses called in Australia?

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Photo by Mikalya Storms

Being a country from the Southern hemisphere, Australia has different words to refer to a group of horses. So what is a group of horses called in Australia? The answer is a band or mob. Central and Northern Australia is said to have nearly 400,000 feral horses and around 43 different breeds of horses. But wild horses are a problem as they overgraze large areas of land and also damage waterholes. Apart from these, horses are used for a number of sports including polo, eventing, dressage, and camp drafting.

Horses are animals that can be domesticated and they’d be one of the most loyal. Whether it be a string of horses that are tamed or wild horses live in groups, they are animals exhibiting social behavior. (Also read What Animal lives in a Den?)

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