What is a Group of Ants called?

Is a Group of Ants called a Nest? What is a Line of Ants called? What is a Group of Bees called?? What is a Group of Fish called?
what is a group of ants called
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Ants live together in groups and perform their duties as a team. They cannot be referred to as a group of herds, so what is a group of ants called? Continue reading this article to learn about the collective noun for ants, bees, fish, and monkeys.

1. What is a Group of Ants called?

The group of ants is referred to as the ant colony and is a collective noun for ants. The ant colony comprises an egg-laying queen, winged sexual females, males, workers, and soldiers, i.e., sterile females. They are not aggressive and live together. In a common language, some ant colonies are kept in a formicarium called an ant farm.

What is a group of ants called is different from where the ants live. The places where ants live are called ant nests. They can be found under rocks, in trees, or underground. The underground nests are called ant hills. The colony size affects how the ants mate and defend their colonies. It also influences the way of collectively organizing the ants. For different species, there are different colony sizes. Colony size can range from a twig to millions. (See List of Names for Groups of Animals)

2. What is the Collective Noun for Ants?

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The collective noun for ants is the same as what is a group of ants called which are a colony, army, and swarm.

  • Army of ants: The army of ants usually does their tasks together and spends a lot of time together. In unwanted environments, the infestation is experienced. These situations led the group of ants to be called an army of ants.
  • Colony of Ants: The animals that appear together are called colonies, especially when they are very small. This word is often used in documentaries.
  • Swarm of Ants: When very small, animals look like a pile in a group or as a deposit, they cannot be called a herd but can be referred to as by the collective noun swarm. Such animals include ants. So, whenever the word swarm is used, a group of ants is overlapping and found together. (See How Big is the Biggest Octopus?)

3. Is a Group of Ants called a Nest?

The nest is not the group of ants; instead, the nest is the place where the ants live. So, a nest is different from what is a group of ants called. Nest is not the collective noun for ants. A nest comprises three major types: nests in wood, nests in soil, and opportunistic nesters.

  • Nests in Wood: Nests are generally made in dead wood, which contains a bit of moisture or is rotting from fungi. Ants do not consume this wood.
  • Nest in Soil: In the soil, a nest is made because soil provides the necessary moisture, food, and protection to the ants. Due to the movement of ants, the soil waste ecosystem is maintained by their tunneling of the soil.
  • Opportunistic Nesters: The ants which build their nest at any place where they find food and moisture are called opportunistic nesters. These nests are hidden. (See What Name Is Given To A Group Of Chickens?)

4. Is a Group of Ants called an Army?

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When several ants behave similarly, they are referred to as an army of ants, the collective noun for ants. They behave in such a way because of the scent they follow left behind by their leader. Such an army of ants is observed when they are looking for food, so they come together and form an army to achieve their target and bring the food back to the nest.

These groups are aggressive in finding food and attacking other animals together, also known as raids. The army is formed by over 200 species. Army ants can pray on other ants or eat insects, lizards, and even frogs. (See What is the Life Cycle of a Newt?)

5. What is a Line of Ants called?

A line of ants is called an army. It is similar to what is a group of ants called. The social insect lives in large groups consisting of the queen and worker responsible for bringing the food and caring for the offspring. The soldier ants protect the army, fly or swarm, and can be found around the nests.

These flying ants are responsible for initiating a new army by reproduction. Ants move in a line by following the smell of the leader. They bump into each other to communicate. These ants rub their legs to signal each other against their body. While moving, the chemical called pheromones is left behind and followed by the other ants to track the same route. (See What is a Baby Sheep Called?)

6. A Group of Bees is called?

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Some bees live in solitude, and some species live in groups. Such groups of bees are called colonies.

  • The term colony is also used as the collective noun for ants.
  • The term swarm is used when bees fly together.
  • The nest of bees is called a beehive formed by the colonies of bees. There are workers in the colonies who are responsible for the crucial task but do not lay eggs.
  • When the bees in a colony live together in a hive, they are also called the hive of bees which shelters approximately 60,000 bees.

The drones and the queen bees are responsible for a mate and producing a new generation. These are also a source of an important and rich food that is honey. The bees in a colony are social. So, to maintain a healthy social structure, each colony member is given different duties. (See Why Do Bees Sting People?)

7. A Group of Fish is called?

When a group of fish of the same species swims together, they are referred to as a school. They swim in synchrony, twisting, turning, and creating glinting shapes in the water. The fishes swim together for protection from predators. The fishes move together in an organized manner like students of a school; thus, the group is referred to as a school.

They are also referred to as shoal, which means a troop. School and shoal are different. In a school, all the fishes are of the same species and move in a pattern. This also reduces the friction between the water and different bodies. This makes it difficult for the predators to find their prey, thus protecting the entire group. A shoal of fish is a group containing different fishes. This helps them find food easily and work together, forming a barrier from the predators. (See 21 Healthiest Fish for Fishetarians)

8. What is a Group of Monkeys called?

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Besides what is a group of ants called, a group of monkeys is referred to as a troop of monkeys, a tribe of monkeys, or a cartload of monkeys.

  • A troop of Monkeys: This is a collective noun that helps characterize monkeys. It expresses the co-existence of monkeys. Their social behavior is similar to humans, so it is better to define them as a community of individuals and not as a herd.
  • The Tribe of Monkeys: This collective noun is used for the monkeys who live together in the same habitat.
  • A cartload of Monkeys: These monkeys have an anatomy similar to that of humans. They cannot be referred to as flocks. The monkeys who coexist are usually referred to as a cartload. To know more about it, check out the article what is a group of monkeys Called?
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