What is a Community?

What do we mean by Community? Why is it necessary? What is an example of a Community? What is the Difference between Local Community and Neighborhood?
what is a community

Human is a social being and socializes within a community. Community is an integral part of every human being and is essential for perpetual growth with a sense of belonging and relatedness. Community definition and meaning can be a group of people belonging to a similar geographical location who share similar opinions and follow similar cultures and rituals together. Let’s get to know more about what is a community along with examples of community.

1. What is Community? Community Definition and Meaning.

  • According to biology, a community is defined as a population of a particular species sharing a common habitat.
  • According to sociology, community means a group of people who interact with each other and have common interests in social and cultural aspects. A community can also be determined by the nationality or race of the population having common social interests.
  • So, what is a community of religions? A community means a social unit of people who have common values in religion, culture, tradition, beliefs, and practices. Also, check out what does Nomad stand for?
  • This can be a group of people who occupy a certain geographical location together or choose a virtual space to communicate like through social platforms.

2. How do you identify a Community?

community definition and meaning 1

A community is a group where people are similar in various aspects. There can be a number of factors that help identify a community. To better understand community definition and meaning, go through the below list:

  • Physical features: Landforms around which people dwell like mountains or plains.
  • Demographics: The socioeconomic stats by which populations are described.
  • Geographical boundaries: Countries, states, and areas.
  • Religious cultures and practices: Different traditional and cultural values related to religion.
  • History of civilization: Sharing the common history like a war or epidemic.
  • Origin nation: The nation from where people relocated like European settlers.
  • Occupations and professional lives: Group of co-workers in a company or organization. Read about the 16 Famous Flamenco Dancers

In the broader sense, the community can be divided into two classes. 

  • Microsystem: Smaller groups of people that act like a community (eg: Schools, colleges).
  • Macrosystem: A larger system of people who share commonalities (eg: Religious community).

3. How many Communities are there in the World?

Since the world has such a diverse culture, geography, and history, the population of modern times does not do justice in determining exactly how many communities can be possible. As an estimate, The WHO Global Network for Age-friendly Cities and Communities currently has 1000 cities and communities in over 41 countries registered consisting of more than 240 billion people across the world.  (See What is Human Existence In Philosophy?)

4. What are the Examples of Community?

Examples of Community: community definition and meaning 4

As you already know what is a community, here are numerous examples of community.

  • A group of hippies meeting at the same place in regular periods to party can be one. (See What’s a Hippie?)
  • A group of Catholic Christians attending Sunday masses in the same church can be another example.
  • The LGBTQ+ community which fights for the equality rights of queer gender people can be an example of a global community.
  • Furthermore, the race and nationality of people can also be counted as a community. So, the black people are a community and the Indians are a community too.
  • There are different business organizations as well as political organizations which can fall under examples of community.

5. Is a Family a Community?

A family is not considered a community. A community is a group of individuals where people have commonalities in their thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and practices. The people in a community are not related by blood or marriage. Even the people in a community have their individual families to tend to. A family is something you cannot choose to have but you can choose your community based on your preferences of practices, opinions, and other external factors. (See Cunningham Name Origin)

6. Is Religion a Community?

Religion is not a community. A group of people who share a common religion and meet at a religious place to worship their idols can be an example of a community. Religion is a set of beliefs and practices based on the worship of a particular God figure. A common religion may be a characteristic of a community but not a whole community. Must read what Does Merry Christmas Mean?

7. Is City a Community?

Yes, a city can be a community. Since a community can be defined by physical boundaries and geographic location, a city can be termed as a type of community where people, more or less, permanently settle with either a common or diverse set of cultures. As a whole, they belong to the same city and that makes them a community. Also, check out Why is Paris Called the City of Lights?

8. Is School a Community?

Is School a Community? what is a community 2

According to the definition of a community, people who tend to follow a common culture or set of activities can be classified as a community. So, a school is a community. Students of different ages, cultures, religions, and social statuses together visiting one place in the same uniform and performing similar activities is an example of community. There may be stances on having siblings in the same classroom but a majority of the pupil population is not related by blood. Do you know why was School created in the first place?

9. What is an Example of a Social Community?

A community that forms a society and socializes to share opinions and views on a particular platform or a common place can be termed a social community.

  • As an example, the social community can be a group of people who run a club for people having similar political views.
  • A local group of dwellers with a common religion who gather in the nearest shrine to offer prayers every day can be another example of a social community.
  • Furthermore, a group of celebrity fans on social media is an example of a virtual social community. These examples give a good understanding of what is community. (See What is Mime Acting?)

10. What is the Difference between Local Community and Neighborhood?

The main difference between a neighborhood and a local community is that a neighborhood refers to the geographic location directly, regardless of the type of people dwelling in it. A local community is referred to a group of people who are bound by the geographic boundaries but have commonalities in their opinions or activities or both. (See Where Do Leprechauns Live?)

11. Is Social Media a Community?

A group of people who have formed a virtual group and interacted on social media can be an example of a community. A social media platform cannot be a direct community. It serves as a medium through which communities can communicate and indulge in different online activities such as chatting, gaming, calling, sharing moments, etc. (See What does Pepega mean?)

12. 20 Online Community Examples

community definition and meaning 3

Online communities are formed to serve many purposes. They help in improving engagement and guiding new individuals on a new course. Here are 20 such online communities as follows:

Community is an essential part of human development as people in a community tend to help and guide each other by sharing knowledge and experiences. A community gives a sense of unity. It gives a feeling that you might be a part of something so much more than your personal life. Community keeps you occupied in your daily lives without getting bored of the monotonicity of your daily activities. A community gives exposure to diverse human trends and activities. It is such a vast concept and is of immense importance in human lives. There cannot be any short definition of what is a community or you can not describe community definition and meaning in a simpler way. (See What do People Eat in China?)

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