What is a Biodome?

What are an Ecosystem and a Biodome? Where are the Biodomes constructed? What is the Use of a Biodome to us and in scientific research? What is Biosphere Reserve 2, Montreal biosphere, and Eden project? Are Biodomes and Greenhouses the same? Can you visit a Biodome?
what is a biodome
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Do you know that about half of the original forests of the world have disappeared, and it is still being destroyed ten times faster than the capacity of their re-growth? Every year 17 million hectares of forests are getting destroyed by humans, as per the report given by the World Wildlife Fund. To mend the broken cycle of the ecosystem, humans came up with biodome garden and self sufficient biodome. I guess you are also listening to this term for the first time. Let us begin the journey to know what is a biodome and the uses of biodome.

1. What is an Ecosystem?

A place where different elements of nature come together to form a place that is suitable for the survival of living organisms living there is termed an ecosystem. This place consists of both biotic and abiotic components of the atmosphere. (See What are Examples of Living Things?

2. What is a Biodome?

An artificially controlled ecosystem that is created scientifically as a replica of an ecosystem is known as a biodome. Mostly, these ecosystems are created in the geodesic spheres (a dome-like structure developed by R. Buckminster Fuller). This structure benefits by providing a large amount of space. Montreal Biodome and Biosphere Project 2 are types of biodomes. (See How many Biomes are there in Africa?)

3. What is inside a Biodome Garden?

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So, what is a biodome garden? Depending on the ecosystem, a biodome garden is built and can have different animals, plants, and other natural features. These elements along with others are useful for discussing the importance of preserving the environment today. (See What is the Opposite of Natural?)

4. Where are they constructed?

These enclosed versions of various ecosystems can be built anywhere, even in dense urban areas. The interiors are controlled which allows you to visit different types of ecosystems without having to travel to different regions of the world. The ecosystems of deserts, subarctic climates, rain forests, temperate forests, etc. are built inside these biodomes. (See What Do Botanists Do?)

5. What are the Uses of Biodome?

These artificial ecosystems are known to have various useful reasons for which they are constructed. Research, experimentation, and science education are the main purposes for their construction. To make scientific study easier, labs and other research facilities are attached to them. (See What is Sustainability and Why is it Important?)

6. How does it benefit Scientific Research?

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The environment prevailing inside a biodome is controllable, therefore they are beneficial for scientific research. Scientists study various components, variables, and elements that help them find out their impact on that ecosystem. If you are still confused about what is a biodome, read further. It also helps them study the presence of various native and non-native plants and animals in that ecosystem. How much impact pollution has can also be figured out through research. (See What are the End Products of Photosynthesis?)

7. What are Biosphere 2 and Montreal Biosphere?

It is a type of biodome that is spread in an area of 136701 square feet (3.14 acres) in the Arizona desert. It is the largest completely closed system. It was the first built biodome that went through various experiments and research to make its interiors worth living for plants and animals living in them. 

Another biosphere is the Montreal Biosphere which is located in Montreal, Canada, and focuses on the environment prevailing in that region. It has also helped in conserving various endangered species by providing them with the required habitat. (See What Plants live in the Ocean?)

8. What is the Eden Project?

This biodome project is located in Cornwall, United Kingdom near a China clay pit. 3 biodomes represent 3 different ecosystems of the world as follows:

  • The Humid Tropics Biodome has the natural environment of a tropical rainforest. It has numerous trees thriving in warm and humid enclosures. Numerous flora species from the rainforests of Asia, Australia, Africa, and South America are found here.
  • The Warm Temperate Biome contains flora from the temperate rainforests around the world. The flora from the temperate rainforests of the Mediterranean, South Africa, and California are found here.
  • The Roofless Biome is an open area with climates similar to the Himalayas, Asia, Chile, and Australia. (See What is the Correct Order of Steps in the Scientific Method?)

9. Is there any Self Sufficient Biodome?

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What is a biodome which is totally self-sufficient? Well, scientists have not yet succeeded in making a closed and complete biodome that can survive all on its own because, without human intervention, the chances of survival for plants and animals in these biodomes are difficult. Self-sufficient biodome is a replica of ecosystems, but sometimes there are issues like oxygen control that cause the problem. (See What are Physical Resources?)

10. Are Biodomes and Greenhouses the same?

No, both are different entities and a biodome is larger than any greenhouse. There is no harmful greenhouse gas emission from a biodome, unlike a greenhouse. Plants flourishing inside the biodomes are transported to various greenhouses across the world. However, shipping damages the plant as it is exposed to various types of pollutants and reduces its chances of surviving in the greenhouse. (See What Would Happen if There was No Sunlight?)

11. Are Biodomes available to visit?

There are areas with biodomes that are open for you to visit. You can see them advertising the services and facilities that they offer to their visitors. You can purchase passes that allow you to visit science museums and art museums along with the biodome. You will have a lifetime experience visiting a biodome because it gives you a glimpse of an ecosystem that cannot be visited easily by everyone. 

So, what is a biodome is pretty much clear now along with the uses of biodome. Next time when you are in the region do try to spare some time for visiting the biodome garden to witness the journey and efforts put in by the scientist to create a self-sufficient biodome. (Also read What is the Largest Glacier in the World?)

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