What is 0.12 Repeating as a Fraction?

What is a Decimal Fraction? How to Convert the Decimal into a Fraction? What is 0.12 Repeating as a Fraction? What is a Terminating and Non-Terminating Rational Number?
What is 0.12 Repeating as a Fraction

The numerator and denominator of a fraction are always smaller than one another. Therefore, if the numerator is higher, the fraction is improper and can also be expressed as a mixed number. By dividing the numerator by the denominator, a fraction can be expressed in any decimal form and you can explain the concept of repeating and terminal digits. In this article, we will learn what is 0.12 repeating as a fraction and how is 0.12 repeating a rational number. 

1. What is 0.12 Repeating as a Fraction?

Before we find what is 0.12 repeating as a fraction, let’s assume 2 is repeated and take 0.12 as x,

If x is recurring in 2 decimal places, then we multiply it by 10, which in turn will be 10x = 1.22

Now subtract  x = 0.12 from 10x = 1.22,

  • 10x − x = 1.22 − 0.12
  • 9x = 1.1
  • x = 11/90, multiplying numerator and denominator by 10.

11/90 is the fraction if we consider 2 to be the recurring digit. Must see How can You change 0.33 to a Fraction Accurately?

2. Is 0.12 Repeating a Rational Number?

0.12 can be even shown as 0.121212 and so on. It means after some point it gets repeated again and again. It means that the number is not rational. In the next point, let’s see whether is 0.12 terminating decimal or not.

3. Is 0.12 Terminating Decimal?

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Yes, it is a terminating decimal since 0.12 will have 0 as the end. A rational number where the fraction has the lowest terms can be written as either terminating or a repeating decimal. You can divide the numerator by the denominator. If the results are 0, then it is said to have a terminating decimal. Else, the remainders will begin to repeat after some point, and we will have a repeating decimal. (See What is the very last number in the world?)

4. How do you Write 0.12 as a Percent?

To convert 0.12 as a percent always multiply 0.12 by 100. The result is 12 percent i.e., 12%. Must read What is 20% of 70?

5. How do You represent a Non-Terminating Decimal Number?

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The non-terminating repeating decimal means that the decimal may have infinite digits. It can occur in a repetitive pattern, like 0.13333. For example, let’s divide 1 by 17 = 0.0588235294117647. It is the quotient which is a recurring decimal number. (See What is Three Eighths as a Decimal?)

6. How to Write 0.12 as a Fraction simply?

0.12 = 12/100 

(12/100) (4/4) = 3/25, is the required fraction. Must read What is the GCF of 24 and 32?

7. Difference Between Rational and Irrational Numbers

  • Rational Number: The number that is expressed as a ratio of two numbers p/q is known as a rational number. It has numbers that are finite or recurring in nature. It has squares such as 4, 9, 16, and others. Both the numerator and denominator numbers are whole numbers.
  • Irrational Number: It cannot be expressed as a ratio of two numbers. It has non-terminating numbers such as roots of 2, 3, and 5. They cannot be expressed through fractions. 

8. Can 1/12 be written as a Decimal?

Yes, 1/12 equals 0.8333. This is a non-terminating decimal. Also, check out What is the Decimal for 3/4?

9. How to Write Decimal into Fractions?

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Decimals can be written as a fraction. They can convert a decimal into a fraction, and point the decimal number over the place value. Let’s take 0.7, the seven is in the tenth place, so we put 7 over 10 to imagine the equivalent fraction as 7/10. (See What Is 0.5?)

10. How do you Write 0.36 as a Fraction?

0.36 = 36/100

(36/100)(4/4) = 9/25, is the required fraction.

A mixed fraction is created by converting the repeating fraction’s decimal number to a simplified fraction. Similar to the terminating and non-terminating fractions that occur with rational or irrational integers, these can be fractions. I hope this provided some guidance for converting decimals to fractions. Now you can try some other examples just like we did it here while answering what is 0.12 repeating as a fraction. (Also read How to find the Common Difference of the Arithmetic Sequence?)

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