What Happens When you Mix Bleach and Ammonia?

Mixing bleach and ammonia can be deadly. When combined, these two common household cleaners release toxic chloramine gas.
What Happens When you Mix Bleach and Ammonia?
  1. Is ammonia the same as bleach?

    Ammonia is generally preferred to remove stains, especially on tiles, jewellery, and glass cleaning. It works better for hard surfaces than bleach and is made out of three hydrogen atoms and one nitrogen atom. However, bleach is made from chlorine, caustic soda, and water. Moreover, it is considered a better disinfectant than ammonia.

  2. Is it dangerous to mix Ammonia and Bleach?

    Mixing both these elements can be deadly as bleach and ammonia produce toxic gases called chloramines. Along with chloramines, it also produces Noxious flames and poisonous reactions.

  3. Can mixing ammonia and bleach kill you?

    Exposure to the mixture of these two elements or chloramines can irritate your eye, lungs, throat, nose and may cause nausea, headache, and seizures. Furthermore, in high concentrations, it can lead to coma and death.

  4. What preventive steps to take if you have exposed to chloramines?

    •Have a cup of tea or coffee, or soup instantaneously

    •Drink water

    •Open windows, ventilate the area and turn on fans to help dissipate remaining fumes

    •Follow the instructions meticulously from your local poison control centre

    •Seeing a person who got infected with chloramine may make him/her unconscious. Move them to fresh air and call emergency services.

  5. What are the symptoms of exposure to chloramine?

    •Difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath

    •Watery eyes

    •Coughing, nausea, or chest pain


    •Irritation to the throat, nose, and eyes

    •Fluid buildup in your lungs

  6. What happens when you mix bleach and acids?

    Bleach is a solution containing sodium or calcium hypochlorite. Mixing bleach with any acid will produce toxic chlorine gas. The toxic fumes of chlorine gas are immensely poisonous and can be fatal. It can destroy the lung tissues and cause the lungs to fill with water.

  7. What all elements can you mix with bleach?

    Apart from water, nothing is recommended to mix with bleach. Bleach is highly toxic, and virulent combinations are ammonia- bleach, rubbing alcohol- bleach, and vinegar- bleach.

  8. How to prevent the accidental poisoning of bleach and ammonia?

    You need to follow these instructions if you want to avoid any unforeseeable events to occur with bleach and ammonia:

    1. Always store cleaning products in their original containers.

    2. Do not mix bleach with any other cleaning product.

    3. Always read the instructions carefully before using any chemical. If you are not sure about the product’s usage, do not hesitate to call the customer care number, which would already be mentioned on its label.

    4. Never use bleach to clean diaper pails, litter boxes, and pet urine stains, as urine contains a very less amount of ammonia.

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