What exactly does ‘processed through ISC New York’ mean on USPS tracking?

Where does a package go after ISC New York? What does processed through facility ISC New York NY (USPS) mean?
What exactly does ‘processed through ISC New York’ mean on USPS tracking?
  1. Did you ever come across this phrase?

    There might be a situation that while tracking your package, you must have come across this phrase, “processes through ISC New York.” After reading this, the first thing that comes to mind is what does it mean? But, this is an automatic tracking message which has a straightforward meaning.

  2. About ISC

    ISC means International Service Centre; it is a centre where the parcels leaving the US are sorted and packaged for dispatch to the airport for flights globally. ISC was established in 1996, and it has facilities located in five major cities, which are New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami and Chicago.

  3. What is ISC New York NY (USPS)?

    It is an amenity where all the packages and mails that leave the US are sorted and packed for the final dispatch to the airport for flights to the other countries. It also includes the mails and packages from different countries as they also get checked by the customs and then dispatched further.

    The reason why people are not able to get any update on their packages is that they are placed in a big container where the barcodes cannot be read. Thus, when they reach another country and the box is opened for sorting, then the system gets an update about the parcel.

  4. What exactly does processed through ISC New York mean on USPS tracking?

    This statement means that your parcel has been scanned by a robot and has arrived in NY. But this statement can also be misleading various times. When people see this statement, they panic as they think that the package is with customs, but that is not entirely right.

    It means that your parcel has landed at the airport where ISC is located; it does not always mean that it has gone through customs. Customs usually do not answer people, but if you do not get any update on your package for three days, then it means that your parcel is with CBP.

    In this problem, USPS would not be able to help you as they do not have the excess or tools to know why customs is holding your package.

  5. What to do in such a situation?

    If your parcel is with CBP, then you will have to wait for a more extended period to get it delivered. They can hold your package for any reason, and they would not even tell you why to hold the parcel. Usually, they keep them if they see any illegal or unapproved drugs or cigarettes. The worst thing is contacting them is really difficult as contact number, no place to the complaint and no chain of command.

  6. Use registered mail services

    If time is not the factor, then it is always advised to use registered mails services as they carry your parcel in sealed containers and hold it under lock and key. Because of this extra care and security, it might take more time, but it is safe and a better option.

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