What Does The Word “Danke” Mean?

What language is the word Danke? The word Danke is used as an informal way of saying 'thank you' in German.

  1. 1 Where is the word danke used?

    It is a German word, and it is an informal way of saying thank you there. Just as the word danke is informal, its informal reply is bitte, which means you're welcome. The formal version of danke is Dankeschon or Danke sehr, which means thank you or thanks a lot.

  2. 2 Usage of the word danke

    It is the easiest and common way of saying thank you. For example, if someone picks up the books you dropped mistakenly, you would say Danke. It's a fabulous all-purpose word that is used by people whenever they wish to give someone a posthaste thank you. Danke is the basic and common way of saying thank you and is not rude to use even with people with whom you are less familiar. (See In The Context Of Anime, What Does “Ara Ara” Mean?)

  3. 3 Other informal ways to say thank you in German




    Best of thanks

    Besten Dank


    I’m thankful to you (speaking to one person)

    Ich bin dir dankbar

    ish bin DEAR DAHNK-bar

    I’m thankful to you (speaking to more than one person)

    Ich bin Euch dankbar

    ish bin oysh DAHNK-bar

    Many thanks

    Vielen Dank


    No, thanks

    Nein, Danke

    nine DAHN-keh

    Thanks a million (literally “thousand thanks”)

    Tausend Dank

    TAU-zent DAHNK

    Thank you for...

    Danke für...

    DAHN-keh fe-ur

    Thank you very much

    Danke schön/ Danke sehr

    DAHN-keh shoon/ DAHN-keh zaer

  4. 4 Formal ways to say thank you in German




    Have many thanks

    Haben Sie vielen Dank

    HAHB-in zee FEE-lin DAHNK

    I’m thankful to you

    Ich bin Ihnen dankbar

    ish bin EEH-nun DAHNK-bar

    Many thanks for all

    Vielen Dank für alles

    FEEL-en DAHNK fe-ur ALL-es

  5. 5 Few other important German sayings



    Can you help me?

    Können Sie mir helfen?

    Could you repeat that please?

    Könnten Sie das bitte wiederholen?

    Excuse me


    Goodbye (formal)

    Auf Wiedersehen

    Goodbye (informal)


    Good morning

    Guten Morgen

    Good evening

    Guten Abend

    How are you?

    Wie Geht es Ihnen?

    No problem

    Kein Problem


    Bitte (can also mean you’re welcome, pardon, and Can I help you?)

    You’re welcome (informal)


    You’re welcome

    Gern geschehen

    You’re welcome


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