What does the Expression Ten-Four Mean?

What does it mean when someone says ten four? 10-4 is an affirmative signal: it means “OK.”
What does the Expression Ten-Four Mean?
  1. What is the meaning of the expression ‘Ten-Four’ or ’10-4′?

    10-4 is an affirmative signal, which means ‘Message understood or received’ or when someone acknowledges the other person or say ‘OK, Roger That.’ 10-4 code was frequently used in the 50s TV series named Highway Patrol’ over the radio.

  2. Who uses 10-4 expression?

    Primarily, this expression is used by police and other agencies to communicate efficiently verbally. The word 10 implies the ‘next number’, and the 4 indicates ‘Acknowledgement (OK).’ 10 codes represent voice communication phrases specifically used in Citizen Band (CB) and law enforcement radio transmissions.

    Truckers also predominantly used the 10-4 code to communicate during long hauls between the United States’ highways.

  3. Story behind the establishment of these codes

    Apart from the 10-4 expression, numerous other codes were developed in 1937. During these old times, police radio channels were limited, and to reduce the amount of speech on the radio, and all these codes were introduced. Listed below are some of the codes from 10-1 to 10-50 that several agencies used to communicate over the radio:

    1 Signal Weak
    2 Signal Good
    3 Stop Transmitting
    4 Message Received
    5 Relay
    6 Station is busy
    7 Out of Service
    8 In-Service
    9 Repeat
    10 Fight In Progress
    11 Animal Problem
    12 Stand By
    13 Report Conditions
    14 Prowler Report
    15 Civil Disturbance
    16 Domestic Problem
    17 Meet Complainant
    18 Urgent
    19 Go To Station
    20 Advise To Location
    21 telephone
    22 cancel assignment, disregard
    23 stand-by, hold the transmission
    24 assignment completed
    25 meet the person
    26 person clear of warrants
    27 driver’s license info
    28 vehicle registration info
    29 warrant check for the person
    30 improper radio use
    31 crime in progress
    32 subject with gun
    33 alarm sounding, emergency
    34 riot
    35 what is time?, major crime alert
    36. Can you copy confidential info?
    37 suspicious vehicle
    38 stop suspicious vehicle
    39 urgent–use lights and siren
    40 silent response
    41 beginning tour of duty
    42 welfare check, ending tour of duty
    43 information
    44 permission to leave for
    45 dead animal at —
    46 assist motorist
    47 emergency road repair
    48 traffic signal repair
    49 traffic light out at —
    50 accident

  4. What is the meaning of the ‘Over and Out’ expression?

    This code is widely used on marine radio. Over means ‘I have finished speaking and waiting for the other’s person reply’, and Out means ‘The person has finished the communication.’ This expression is not considered ethical to use in serious radio communications.

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