What does State Province Mean?

What’s the Difference between Province, State, and Region? Is London a State or Province? Is Auckland a City or Province? What does State/Province Mean on PS4?
what does state province mean
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You must have come across terms such as country, state, city, province, etc while reading news or reading about geography or political science. Understanding the concept of country and state is hard enough but there has been a clear distinction between them both so people are aware that these two are separate bodies. But when we talk about state/province meaning, the majority of people are clueless about it. Some wonder what does state province mean? Some even confuse them as the same thing. If you have the same problem then go through this article to get a clear idea about this topic.

1. What does State Province Mean? What is State Province Meaning?

Just like a county or a state, a province is also an area of land that is a part of a country. These are generally units of government and are ruled by the central government. They have less autonomy and don’t have the power to select their leaders. The word province is related to Provincia, a Latin word that was used about 2000 years ago to describe the areas ruled by Roman Officials. A province can also be like a colony where its area is under an outside country’s political control. ( See How the States got their Shapes)

2. Is Province Same as County?

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In the United States usually, the government units below the state level are called counties. These are territorial divisions made up of towns, rural populations, or cities. The functions of these territories vary from country to country. In the USA, the size and shape of counties vary from state to state. For example, Delaware has 3 counties whereas Texas has 254. The counties here are usually responsible for public education, law enforcement, and road maintenance.

Province is similar to county but both of them are pretty different. It is an area of land that is a part of a country. It can be controlled by an outside political power as countries can have provinces outside their borders. Some provinces like Quebec, Maritimes, Ontario, etc also have counties as their administrative sub-divisions. (See What is a Superimposed Boundary?)

3. What is the Difference Between State and Province?

After understanding what does state province means let’s read the difference between state and province:

State Province
A community that has a shared experience, culture, and language forms a state. It is an area of land that is a part of a country.
They are very autonomous. Compared to states they are less autonomous.
They are very loyal to the central government. They can pledge alliance with foreign countries.
They are more focused on communities and territories.  They focus on the administration of a city under the central government.
They could be an independent country or part of a larger nation or country. It is not the same case for a province.
States select their leaders. The central government appoints the leaders of provinces.
Example– India, USA, and Australia. Example– China and Canada.

4. What’s the Difference between Province, State, and Region?

After understanding the difference between province and state let’s go through the difference between the province, state, and region below:

  • Province and state are areas that are defined politically whereas the region is an area that is geographically defined.
  • Regions have loosely defined boundaries whereas states and provinces have clearly defined boundaries.
  • Regions are larger than the other two entities.
  • States and provinces have an official governing body but the region doesn’t have one. (See What is a Relic Boundary?)

5. What’s the Difference between Province, State, and Territory?

These points can explain what does state province mean and also the differences between the province, state, and territory:

  • A community with a shared experience, culture, and language forms a state whereas a province is formed due to an administrative point of view. On the other hand, the territory is an area under another state’s or government’s control. (See Why is Government Necessary?)
  • The level of autonomy differs between the three. The state has the highest autonomy followed by province and then by territory.
  • The citizens of states and provinces enjoy more privileges and rights compared to the citizens of territories.

6. List Some State/Province Examples

As you know what does state province mean, let’s take a few examples.

  • In case of state examples, you can include Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Indiana, New York, Oklahoma, etc.
  • For province examples, you can include Canadian provinces like Quebec, Saskatchewan, etc. In this province list, you can also include Chinese provinces like Gansu, Qinghai, Shaanxi, Yunnan, Jiangsu, Anhui, etc. (See 30 Largest Coastal Cities in the World)

7. What is My State/Province in UK?

The United Kingdom was formed after the union of four countries namely England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. There isn’t anything like a state or province in the UK. But if there would have been any state or province system in the UK then it would have surely included these constituent countries. (See Should you go to North Carolina or South Carolina?)

8. Is London a State or Province?

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London is the United Kingdom’s capital city with a history of over 2 millennia. It isn’t a state as there the United Kingdom doesn’t follow a state system nor is it a province as the UK has only one province called the Province of Northern Ireland. Apart from this province the UK just has counties. (See How Big is England Compared to US?)

9. Is Auckland a City or Province?

In the north-central North Island, New Zealand, Auckland is a populous city. It is in fact the largest port. Before the abolition of the provinces in 1876, Auckland used to be one of the original six provinces of New Zealand. It used to be the largest in terms of area and population. So, the simple answer to the above question is that there was a time in history when Auckland was a province but now it’s just a city. (See How many States are Along the East and West Coasts?)

10. Is Canada a Province?

Canada isn’t a province but a country in North America. It has 13 political divisions out of which 3 are territories and 10 are provinces. The Constitution Act of 17 April 1982 resulted in the creation of Canadian provinces. (See Why some immigrants leave Canada?)

11. What does State/Province mean on PS4?

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What does state province mean in PS4? State/province meaning is the same thing in usual life and on PS4. While using PS4 you might have come across the option of city/state/province/ region while you are trying to change your address. As state and provinces are terms used to define land parts of a country. These terms in PS4 simply denote your address. ( See What Is The Difference Between A Ps4 And A Ps4 Pro?)

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