What does Star Mean in Texting?

Are you a Dry Texter? What does Star mean in Texting? What does a Star Emoji mean? Does a Star after a Word mean anything? Why and What are the Symbols used in Texting?
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The world advancing in technology at a fast rate has left behind the system of handwritten letters and hopped onto the digital era. But texting is difficult because of all the abbreviations, symbols, and emojis that we need to choose from. So, what are the symbols used in texting and what does star mean in texting? Let us look at the answers.

1. What does the Star Emoji mean?

Emojis have become widely popular in the digital world. These small icons or images are used to express emotion via text. There is a meaning to every emoji put up. The star emoji is an emoji that is used for anything or a person who dazzles or shines, represented by a glowing star. (See Why some people never use emojis?)

2. What does Star mean in Texting?

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If you are an ardent texter, in formal or informal settings, you might have used the star. The answer to what does star mean in texting is pretty simple. It is used to exchange the idea of the thing or person in the conversation as being quite dazzling or sparkling. (See What Is The Purpose Of The Yellow Heart Emoji On Snapchat?)

3. What does a Star after a Word mean?

A star after a word means to indicate the conservation making it clear to the reader that the word is either very important or there is a correction in the particular piece of information. It also indicates that further information may be put up in a different part of the text related to the word or sentence. (See What does the laughing crying emoji mean?)

4. What is this Symbol * called?

A star or (*) is called an asterisk which is one of the symbols used in texting. It is pronounced as as-tuh-risk. The name has been derived from the Greek word asteriskos which means little star. What does star mean in texting & why? It is called so because of its resemblance to a heraldic star. Must see what do Cherokee symbols mean?

5. What does an * mean in a Text?

So, what does star mean in texting in vulgar conservation? The asterisk symbol used while texting is generally to censor a word such as, she called me a b**** or sometimes to clarify a word or a statement. For instance, it is raining heavily or raining*. The most common usage of an asterisk is to signal a footnote. Also, check out the 15 heart icon symbol meaning and uses.

6. What does 🧿 Mean in Texting?

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This is one of the symbols used in texting today. It means to ward off an evil eye or protect you from an evil eye. On social media, this symbol is used as a caption or in a sentence while writing good news or uploading pictures to ward off bad vibes or an evil eye from anyone. (See What Does Ft Mean In Text?)

7. What does * mean around a Word?

An asterisk or a star (*) is put around a word when it is considered inappropriate or to censor something offensive. This can be seen in TV captions and news writing. An informal situation also uses this type of symbol to not use aggressive language while communicating. Must read Chutzpah Origin and Its Usage

8. What does * after a Word mean in Texting?

The star after a word means that the information is very important and to be adhered to. It also means that more information regarding the same is given in another part of the text. It is used so that communication via text is smooth and there are no misunderstandings by the opposite person. (See What are text features?)

9. Why does * mean Correction?

If a text has already been sent which has a grammatical or spelling error, the star is added along with the correction. They are to specify the word that has been corrected so there is no issue in understanding the text. (See What is the Meaning of What’s Up?)

10. What are the Symbols used in Texting?

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Symbols are tokens or signs that stand for something. They are popularly used today as an abbreviation to save time rather than writing the whole thing. Some common abbreviations/emojis used in texting are as follows:

  • Dm – Direct message
  • Gg – Good game
  • 🙂 or (: – Happy
  • 😮 – Surprised 

11. What does :-* mean in Texting?

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Besides getting to know what does star mean in texting, you must know that this symbol is one of the most common emoji used today and is an emotion that represents a kiss. This is used on different platforms of social media instead and can be used in a sense of friendship between people or in a romantic meaning between couples. (See What does GM Mean in a Text?)

12. What does 🤞 mean in Texting?

This emoji is sent when someone wants to wish you luck or wants you to have the best outcome. This is referred to as the crossed fingers to show a desire for a favorable outcome in a situation or to not jinx anything talked about in the conversation. (See What do people mean when they use the see no evil monkey emoji?)

13. What does B mean in Texting to a Girl?

B is one of the terms used in a loving sense. In texting, B to a girl means addressing them as a girl, a homie, or a brother. The sense changes according to the conversation but it is mostly in an affectionate manner.

Every person today owns a smartphone and every other person is on social media platforms. We looked into what does a star emoji mean and what does star mean in texting. With technology upgrading every day, we sure have a lot of unusual and mind-blowing inventions to look forward to. (See What is the Meaning of Dry Texter?)

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