What does RD Mean in Text?

What does RD mean on Snapchat? What does RD mean on Instagram? What is Recurring Deposit? What is RD meaning in medical terms? What is RD meaning in Business?
what does RD mean in text

In the 21st century, where you witness flying drones and sassy lifestyles, would it be strange to discover a new lingo? Perhaps not! The youth has discovered a texting language including novel acronyms and slang which has made the process relatively easy and fun. One such term is RD, let’s learn what does RD mean in various fields and what does RD mean in text.

1. What does RD mean? What does RD stand for?

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Other than text messages, the sign RD stands for the written abbreviation for road visible on maps, signboards, and addresses. (See What is a Flight of Stairs?)

2. List some Alternatives to the word RD

RD in day-to-day texting means alright or real so a few alternatives for the same can be, genuine, satisfactory, adequate, good enough, authentic, etc. (See  What is ATP Meaning in Text?)

3. 3 Examples in Conversations and Sentences

  • Rohan: I am a little doubtful regarding the deal. That is why I have come to you Mr. Patel to seek legal assistance and get the documents verified.
    Mr. Patel: You can sign the contract without any hesitation Mr. Rohan, it’s RD.
  • RD account is a savings-cum-investment account.
  • Romeo’s love for Juliet was RD. (Also read What are Filler Words in Writing?)

4. What does RD mean in Text? What does RD mean in Texting?

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In text messaging specifically on social media platforms, the acronym RD means alright and real deal. It can be taken as a further abbreviation of ARD typically used to indicate agreement, assent, or that everything is okay. It is also used to indicate that someone or something is genuine, rather than a fake or imitation. RD is also often used to express admiration for a person or object, as well as to describe a romantic relationship that is or appears to be a perfect match. When used in an inquisitive way it can also mean, really dude? (See What does BC stand for in Text?)

5. What does RD mean on Snapchat?

Don’t you just love sharing streaks on Snapchat? Well, you usually use the term RD while chatting which means real deal or alright.  (See What does WTM mean in Snapchat?)

6. What does RD mean on Instagram?

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One of the most widely popular social media apps among teenagers is Instagram. The term RD is used on the platform to denote real deal or alright. (See Why Facebook is better than Instagram?)

7. What is Recurring Deposit?

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A recurring deposit means making regular deposits, a service provided by many banks that aids people to procure decent returns on their investments. It is an ideal tool for both savings and investments.

  • An RD account is a banking or postal service account in which the depositor deposits a certain amount of money each month for a set length of time usually spanning from one year to five years. Must check out how much does a Dollar Weigh?)
  • It is a fruitful source for the group of people who want to put down a set amount each month to receive a payout after a few years fetching the deposited a handsome sum at the time of maturity.
  • Opening an RD account demands minimal effort. One is merely required to visit their nearest post office or bank where the account will be opened by filling out a form. Other than the form, one needs to provide formal documents like a PAN card and proof of residence and pay the first month’s amount to the bank or post office.
  • A recurring deposit account can be opened for as little as 6 months or in multiples of 3 months, with the longest term being 10 years. (See How much is 6 Million Pennies?)

8. What is RD meaning in Work Schedule?

The abbreviation RD stands for reference date when used in terms of work schedule. Work schedule is the period usually determined by the employer which can’t be done arbitrarily as the employer has to keep under consideration the state and federal laws regarding workers signifying the period an employee would be providing his or her services. There are various kinds of work schedules ranging from 9 to 5 work schedules, flexible work schedules to part-time and full-time employee work schedules. (See List of Field of Study Examples)

9. What is RD meaning in Medical Terms?

Abbreviations are very common in the profession of medicine, one such is RD which means registered dietitian.

  • A registered dietitian plays a significant role in improving the nutrition levels of the patient as they are specially trained health professionals in the use of diet and nutrition to keep the body healthy.
  • They oversee and assess the nutritional levels of the patient and intervene accordingly, e.g. forming a diet plan for a person who might have lost his ability to swallow or digest due to an intestinal infection.
  • The dietitian may work in different settings, including hospitals and other health care agencies, schools, hotels, and other commercial institutions. (See What does Siesta mean?)

10. What is RD meaning in Business?

reconciliation department

In business terms, RD refers to the reconciliation department. The task undertaken by this department is to maintain the account of the company and issue a fiscal statement balancing the amount of money actually spent compared with the amount of money withdrawn from the account. (See Is Ronald McDonald Real?)

11. What does RD mean in Gaming?

Who doesn’t have the Call of Duty and candy crush downloaded on their phones and laptops? With the advent of technology, the gaming industry has taken a primary place in the business world as well as in the daily lives of people. (See Days of the Week for Kindergarten Kids)

In the gaming world, RD stands for Red Dragon, an online war game involving real-time tactics developed by Eugene Systems based on the Cold War between socialist Russia and the capitalist United States of America. The gaming set is influenced by the theme taken based on the years between 1975 to 1991. The famous game involves various maps and control zones and provides the player with a vehicle to capture all the zones and gain points. (See What Does 42 Mean?)

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