What does Pepega mean?

What does Pepega mean? Have you ever searched for the meaning of Pepega? How did the word Pepega originate? What is Twitch Chat?
what does pepega mean

Some of you have might come across the word pepega used frequently on social media. If you want to enter into the world of twitch chat, then you have got to do some pretty preparation before plunging into the world of twitch. For those who are aware of the twitch chat, you would notice the recurrent mention of the word pepega. So what does pepega mean? For non-native English speakers and twitch non-users the pepega meaning is not a friendly one that you might want to say to anyone unless they are your close friends who wouldn’t take it seriously when you tease or swear at them. You will learn today about everything related to pepega, as you continue reading the article.

1. What is Twitch Chat?

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For those who are not aware of what twitch is, it is an American live video online streaming platform that usually streams live sports, and esports competitions besides music broadcasts and creative performances. Twitch chat is an interactive feature in this online platform where community members interact with other community members as well as the streamers.

Twitch chat can be a wild place for new users who are not quite familiar with twitch speak, meme language, emoticons, etc. While there are some positive emoticons for celebration and happiness there are other emotes that are not so positive at all. If you have recently started using twitch you might have noticed a sudden splurge of spamming of the same emote and suddenly before knowing what was it about, the people would have moved to spam the chat with something else. The pepega meaning can be easily understood if you take a look at the pepega emote in the twitch chat. (See Why Social Networks are Popular?)

2. What does Pepega Mean?

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As a new user, you might have seen the frequent use of the word pepega in the twitch chat. So, what does pepega mean? The pepega is one of the emotes symbolized by a distorted frog face that is usually used to indicate a person who does something stupid or is considered stupid.

In twitch chat, it is often used as a pejorative slang word when the broadcaster makes a stupid statement. According to many people, pepega is a decent version of calling someone a retard. The word pepega is also commonly accompanied for describing a person with a mental disability and the frog emote which represents this particular word is a distorted image of Pepe the Frog. (See What Does Gangnam Style Mean?)

3. How did the word Pepega Originate?

Though the usage of the pepega emotes is popular and more on twitch, the origin of this emote belongs to Discord. The pepega emote was added to twitch only in 2018 after it was created accidentally in Discord. 

This emote is often accompanied by FOOR SAAN about Forsen, a twitch user who got spammed by this emote first. Despite the initial dissent, this emote became popular and was regularly used by the users. This emote can be frequently seen on Reddit and twitch. (See Is Dunce A Bad Word?

4. What is the Pepega Controversy?

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As you know what does pepega mean and as this emote is non-friendly, it is important to understand it in detail before you start using it. The drawing of Pepe the Frog was first featured in the comic Boy’s Club by Matt Furie. This Pepe the Frog character was created in the early 2000s and is one of the four roommates in the story. During earlier times, the memes that were created based on this were innocent enough to not hurt anyone particularly. (See Mc Vs. Mac Debate)

As nothing stays innocent for long on the internet, Pepe the Frog was taken up by the alt-right movement and white supremacy communities, racist and anti-semitism groups for all hate-related content on the internet. It is significant to note that the creator of this character Furie sued several agencies that used his Pepe, the Frog character for associating it with negative connotations and using it as a hate symbol. Must read the 18 symbols that represent love.

5. How to use Pepega in Twitch Chat?

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It is not advisable to use this emote unless the people you are sharing with are into the internet culture and have a sense of humor based on the online culture. That being said, if you are looking to use this safely it is important to learn that despite the use of pepega emote being more in twitch, the platform doesn’t have this emote inbuilt as its feature. You have to download and install the FrankerFaceZ extension or BTTV plugin. Apart from this particular emote, these third-party extensions allow the users to upload personally created emotes and use them depending on the community. (See How to deal with content scrapers?)

So you already know the answer to what does pepega mean and calling someone a pepega in public or on the internet is risky as you are questioning their intellect and insulting their intelligence. And if you don’t want to fall prey to the accusation of being associated with some toxic groups it is better to stay away from this emote and be careful while using it. (See Right of First Night)

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