What does No Cap Mean?

What does No Cap mean in slang? What Does “No Cap” And “Capping” Mean?
What does No Cap Mean?
  1. 1The origin of the phrase ‘No Cap’

    No Cap originated from the Hip Hop world. The phrase got extensively popular, from a handful of mentions in 2016 to thousands of references in 2018. ‘Cap’ refers to ‘Capping’, which means lying. It originated from a song released by Chief Keef in 2011 and by interviewing UGK rapper Bun B, Geto Boys member Willie D, and a professor at the University of Chicago- Dr Sharese King.

    This phrase also came into the limelight when a young rapper, ‘Young Thug’ released a song named ‘No Cap.’ Although the song sounded unreal, the song was meaningful and depicts the reality in today’s world.

  2. What exactly does ‘No Cap’ mean?

    ‘No Cap’ means ‘No Lie’ or ‘for real’. If you see a person saying ‘No Cap’ to someone, they tell that person not to lie. Primarily, this term is used in situations when something unbelievable happens that is too good to be true.

  3. What does the expression ‘capper’ mean?

    ‘Capper’ is a slang that means ‘lying’ or faking. If a person uses this expression for the other person, it means they are calling them a ‘lier’ or a ‘faker.’

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