What Does It Feel Like to Be Drunk?

What Does It Feel Like to Be Drunk? Never drunk alcohol. What does it feel like to be drunk?
  1. People become more confident

    Alcohol makes people more brave and confident. After having a couple of drinks, they might feel less anxious and judgemental towards themselves.

  2. It depends upon the mood and company

    It predominantly depends upon the company you are sitting with and your current mood. If you are feeling stressed about something, you may start feeling woozy after having comparatively more drinks. However, if your feeling happy, alcohol might kick in a bit early.

  3. People become more interesting

    People who drink will start getting entertaining, happy, and exciting. Even if a person is introvert, he might start talking to more people after getting drunk and become an extrovert for the time being.

  4. People become intense

    Some people become extraordinarily, emotional or sensitive after they get drunk. They might start making perceptions in their mind about their life problems if they are emotionally weak. In a nutshell, their feelings get intensified, whether it is their sad feeling or happy feelings.

  5. A person finds other people more attractive

    Drinking makes other people look more attractive and can change their personal point of view. For instance, a person who does not find a girl attractive may start believing about the same that she is beautiful after they got drunk. (See What makes a person attractive?)

  6. Feel more calm and relaxed

    Drinking makes people feel more relaxed and carefree. However, it depends on person to person, as some people might feel more conscious and alert after they get drunk.

  7. Getting dizzy

    This is the foremost thing that happens with almost everyone as people feel tipsy after they drink. The feeling might get worsen if people drink fiercely, as they end up doing vomiting in that situation. (See What Alcohol Does to Your Brain?)

  8. You might feel numb

    It has been surveyed that many people do not feel intense pain after they get drunk. It happens as their ability to experience physical pain reduces.

  9. Everything is spinning

    If a person drinks immensely, they might end up losing their balance while walking. They might also feel that everything is spinning, which could make them dizzy.

  10. Feel sick

    Over-drinking might lead to vomiting for some people due to which they start feeling uneasy and restless.

  11. Weary and famished

    Some people feel starving and fatigued after they drink.

  12. It feels warm

    Alcohol can make you feel, especially in the beginning when you start consuming drinks like whiskey, vodka or rum. One of the reasons for this perception is that heat-sensitive neurons located in your skin perceive an increase in blood flow in the vessels, which could make you feel the rise in your skin temperature.

  13. Starving

    After getting drunk many people feel extremely hungry and might binge eat as a result.

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