What Does Ft Mean In Text?

What is meant by Abbreviations? What does ft stand for in Text? Why is FT famous? What are various different Meanings related to FT? What are other Abbreviations used in Text?
what does ft mean in text
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With the advancement of technology, smartphones, and chatting applications communication became easier. Young generations are usually in hurry may it be their life or chat. They try to minimize everything and, in this process, they started using abbreviations in chat. You also have used abbreviations, but do you know what does ft mean in text? Or what Does ‘FT’ mean? 

1. What is Abbreviation?

The short term used in place of a word or phrase is known as an abbreviation. For example, ttyl stands for talk to you later, or GTG stands for got to go. (See What does GM Mean in a Text?)

2. What does ‘FT’ mean?

Generally, the word FT means FaceTime. It is an in-built application on the IOS platform from their IOS 4 version mobiles and devices. It is like a video call and works without any specific social media application. (See What does it mean When the Text is Green?)

3. What do you need to do with FaceTime?

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To make a FaceTime Call you must have the email address and phone number of the person. Also, that person should also have an IOS device and must be registered on the platform. (See What does the Thermometer and Snowflake mean on Weather App?)

4. What does ft mean in Text?

For text, FT means the same, that is, FaceTime. However, the platforms may be different where you receive this text. For example, if someone sends you a text on Snapchat to FT, it means the person wants to talk to you on FaceTime. It is similar to all social media apps and even simple text. (See What is a Community?)

Over the past few years, Apple products have reached many hands and several new people have started using Apple phones and other devices. Apple users find FaceTime audio and video calls more reliable than any other social media calling apps. Moreover, the addition of the FaceTime feature in almost every Apple product has made it the new favorite for its users. (See Why Snapchat Is Bad For You? Negative Effects of Snapchat)

6. Does FT mean something else in Text?

It is possible that the abbreviation FT is used to convey some other message and not FaceTime. Take a look at the list below and before coming to any conclusion with your text, make sure what the conversation is about.

  • For Trade, maybe the term used for FT if you are talking about exchanging something or the other person is talking about Pokémon Go. He surely means to exchange the cards or trade the cards. (See What does Pepega mean?)
  • In soccer, FT means Full Time (90 minutes). Just the way HT means Half Time. 
  • In music, FT means Featuring someone in the music video or audio. Like in I Don’t Wanna Live Forever it was Zayn Malik ft. Taylor Swift.
  • F*#k that, can also be a possible meaning of the term FT if the conversation was annoying to you or the other person. Still cannot decide what does ft mean in text? Read till the end to get a complete idea. (See What Does K Mean In Text?)

7. What are other FT Abbreviations and their Meaning?

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Here is the list of some commonly used FT abbreviations. Note them down to avoid confusion if you want to have a complete idea of what does ft mean in text.

  • U wanna FT means, do you want to FaceTime?
  • I’m on FT means that the other person is on FaceTime and you can FaceTime them. It does not mean that the person is talking to someone on FaceTime.
  • Group FT means to have a group FaceTime. (See What are some good Songs to make a Texting Lyric Prank?)
  • Can you FT mean, do you have time or are you available to do the FaceTime?
  • Anyone wanna FT means the other person is asking among the group if someone or a few of them are available to do the FaceTime.
  • SB to FT means looking for Somebody to FaceTime.
  • HMU to FT means hit me up on FaceTime.
  • Down to FT means, do you want to do FaceTime with me?
  • FT Buddy means FaceTime Buddies. It is for those people who are regularly doing FaceTime with you. Must read what does 4 score and 7 years ago mean?

Still, wondering which of the meaning to use from what does ft mean in text? Don’t worry, here are some more references coming. English is a funny language, I have heard this many times. Take a look at the list below, and you will understand how confusing it is.

  • In terms of measurement, ft is used for foot or feet.
  • It is used as a short-term for Fortification and fort.
  • It is also abbreviated for the Financial Times, a British daily newspaper.
  • In basketball, it means Free Throw.
  • It is also used for the Hungarian currency Forint. (See What does BC stand for in Text?)

9. Are there any more Meanings to it?

Other than the meanings mentioned up till now, there are still more meanings to FT.

  • Faint, Fairy tale, Fallout Tactics, Fame tracker,
  • Fashion television, Favorite things, Finalized trade,
  • Flowing tears, Fluid time, foreign talent, Foxtrot,
  • Frozen throne, Full text, Full throttle,
  • Fun time, and Fun trivia.

These are some more words for which you can use FT as an abbreviation. (See What is Area Code 855?)

10. What are other Abbreviations that can be used in Texts?

It is not just FT that can be used because here is the list of the most common abbreviations you can use in the text. Because most of these are still unknown to many people while some of them cannot figure out the meaning if you send them.

  • 2nite means Tonight.
  • B4N means Bye For Now.
  • BTW means By The Way.
  • CYA means See You.
  • DM means Direct Message.
  • FTW means For the Win. Yet another word in what does ft mean in text?
  • FWIW means For What it’s Worth.
  • IMO means In My Opinion.
  • IRL means In Real Life
  • LMK means Let Me Know. Also, check out what does it Mean When someone says Grand Rising?

11. What are some Abbreviations starting with Alphabets, N, O, R, and S?

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  • NBD means No Big Deal.
  • NP means No Problem.
  • NSFW stands for Not Safe for Work.
  • NVM means Never Mind.
  • OTOH stands for On the Other Hand.
  • OMW means On My Way.
  • ROFL means Roll on Floor Laughing.
  • SO means Significant Other. (See What does No AA mean?)

12. Are there any Abbreviations with T and Y?

Yes, surely there are more abbreviations.

Hopefully, you now got the answer to what does ft mean in text. Do ask your friends and family, do they know what does ‘FT’ mean? And do not take FaceTime as the only answer for it because you know there is much more to it. (See What are the Words that are both Nouns and Verbs?)

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