What does “Cabrón” mean in Mexican Spanish?

What does the “Cabrón” word mean to a native speaker in Mexico? The explanation of what “Cabrón” means depends on the tone and mood of a person.
What does “Cabrón” mean in Mexican Spanish?
  1. Meaning of Cabrón

    This Mexican word means a “badass” to a native speaker there. It does not mean an asshole or a goat. Various people think that it is an abusive word, but it is nothing like that. People use this word casually in different ways.

  2. How is it used?

    People use it in different tones and forms; for example, “Eres un Cabrón”  in a low tone means you are a dumbass, people can say this when they are hurt, or the other person did not meet their expectations. Saying “Eres un carbon” with exclamation means that you are proud of someone. (See What Does the Spanish phrase ‘Te Amo Mi Amor’ mean in English?)

    If you say Cabrón to someone you don’t know, then it means you are insulting him, and the other person can feel offended.

    On the contrary, saying Cabrón to your friend is absolutely fine as they take it in a casual or a funny way as you know each other well.

  3. Another usage of Cabrón

    When someone says “Quien es ese Cabrón”, it means “Who the fuck is that?” here, who is someone the person is not familiar with.

    Esta Bien Cabrón means it is fucking hard, and individuals say this when they are in a difficult situation. Also, if this statement used in a good situation, then it means this is fucking cool.

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