What do they mean by Address Line 2?

What is address line 2? How many lines are there while filling up an address?
What do they Mean by Address Line 2?

How to resolve the issue of address line 2? Keep reading to know what do they mean by address line 2?

1. How many address lines are present?

The address column in total has 3 lines to fill: address line 1, address line 2 and address line 3. Address line 1 covers the general information about the place of residence, which includes the house, street number, and street name. Address line 2 primarily looks for the apartment number which is not a part of the physical address. Address line 3 includes zip code, city, and state involving the information regarding the state. (See What is a billing ZIP code?)

2. What do they mean by Address line 2?

The Address line 2 in the address field form requires you to provide your house number, floor number, PO number, and other secondary information. This answers the question what do they mean by address line 2.

3. Where should the apartment number be written?

Ideally, the apartment number has its place in line 1, however, in the cases involving a split in number in the address line 1, the second line comprises the apartment number, such as:

  • 238 ABC Street
  • Apt 2346
  • TCIT City, AB, 45670

4. Is Address line 2 required?

Now that you understand what do they mean by Address Line 2? the question arises if it is required or not. The answer is No because the address line is optional in various cases. However, as mentioned above, it may also be used when address line 1 is short.

5. How is Address Line 2 used?

a. For Designation

It is anything that is not a part of the physical address. If the address is short, a probable way it could be written as:





b. For Personal Residence

Line 2 contains Apartment number / Dorm number , in cases which may apply:

XYZ (name)

456 street tower (address line 01)

University Doom (address line 02)

NY 1137 (city and code)

c. For College or School

In this case, line 2 describes the building name or school/organisation name. (See What Is The Address Of Uber Headquarters)

XYZ (name)

234 main street (address line 01)

University name/building name (address line 02)

NY 1137 (city and code)

6. Is it possible to merge both, address line 1 and address line 2?

Yes, it is. But usually, businesses include splitting of the address lines to ensure address clarity. When the address is presented in two lines, it becomes easier for both parties to understand more clearly.

7. Why is address line 2 a distracting field?

Researches have shown that address line 2 is more likely not to be used by people. As in most cases, they do not require input in the field. Tests found that in most cases, around 30% of people come to a stop while filling up address line 2. Some may even question its use. Further, many customers do not read the table of Address line 2 altogether. (See What do they Mean by Address Line 1 and Address Line 2?)

8. What is the ambiguous nature of the field?

The amount of focus given to line 2 creates field ambiguity, leaving people wondering if they have to write the entire information in line 1 or divide it into two form fields and inputs. That means, whether to write the address street number, number, apartment number, etc. in address line 1 or split them into two. Line 2 therefore, unintentionally, confuses users regarding its applicability.

9. What is the best way to include address line 2 in the form?

The best way to include address line 2 is to actually hide address line 2 and permanently display address line 1 in the form. In this case, users will only view the address line 1. They will be more unlikely to second guess their initial input as there will be no possible way to divide it into two. (Also read How do you find out what your zip code plus four is?)

10. What should be the UX implementation details for line 2?

On mobile checkouts, 75% of users experience severe usability issues on sites that failed to mark the address line field as optional or compulsory. The solution is to explicitly mention the field as required or optional to reduce validation errors.

Another way could be adding a custom tab order for address line 2. In this case, the user can decide as to whether he needs line 2 or not and hence, can use it as per his requirement.

11. What are the things to keep in mind while working on address line 2?

You should remember the following points:

  • The field should be marked explicitly as required or optional in the checkout forms.
  • The icon for address line 2 can be expanded.
  • A provision to add tooltips into address line 2 should be provided.

12. Should you eliminate address line 2 from online forms?

You understand what do they mean by address line 2 and the ambiguity associated with it. Hence, in order to cut the confusion, try to avoid it completely in online forms. The second line in the address usually brings in confusion by incorporating the fields which are necessarily not required. Thus, try and append the unit number to line 1, as chances of less confusion and more validation will prevail.

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