What do Newts Eat in a Pond?

What is a Newt and What does it look like? What do they Eat and How do they Hunt? What are Crested Newts? What are Eastern Newts and What do they Feed on? What is a Fire Belly Newt? What do they Feed on?
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Animals capable of surviving both on land and on the water have developed their food habits too. They can eat different things in different habitats. One such animal is a Newt. It is an amphibian and eats different things in different habitats. Today you will get to know about what do newts eat in a pond, what do great crested newts eat, what do eastern newts eat, and what do fire belly newts eat.

1. What is a Newt?

An animal that looks like a salamander and belongs to the family of Salamandridae is known as a newt. It is smaller than a salamander but resembles them a lot. The younger ones are known as an eft. (See What is the Life Cycle of a Newt?)

2. What does a Newt look like?

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Image by Hristo Mumdzhiev from Pixabay

They have a lizard-like body with a long and distinct tail. Unlike salamanders, they have smooth and moist skin. But some newt species may have rough and grainy skin also. The amphibian species have a developed lungs and gills system. (See 10 types of Dart Frogs)

3. What is the Size of a Newt?

There are different species of newts of different sizes and colors. Overall, they cannot be larger than 8 inches (20 cm), only in exceptional cases. Like a warty newt can be only 7 inches (18 cm) and their weight is between 6.3 to 10.6 grams (0.22 to 0.37 ounces). (See Slug Vs Snail)

4. What do they Eat?

Newts are carnivores and enjoy a large variety of small animals as their food. Depending on their place of living, their food options changes. If they are in the water, they will feed on small aquatic animals and insects. And on land, they feed on insects and other small animals. (See Do Anteaters Eat Ants?)

5. How do they Eat?

Before answering what do newts eat in a pond, take a look at their hunting method. On land, it is similar to that of a frog that is throwing its sticky tongue at its prey. But underwater this technique is not effective. Newts do not have teeth for chewing but have plates in their jaws with projections which they use as teeth. These teeth, like projections, are known as vomerine teeth. Still, these teeth do not help in chewing but only hold the prey while the newt is swallowing it whole. (See How is Silk made from Silkworm?)

6. What are their Eating Habits?

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Image by Sharon Nelson from Pixabay

Newts are nocturnal and usually hunt at night. During the day, they take shelter under stones, rocks, compost heaps, damps, and dark places away from predators. You cannot easily locate them in water, because they hide very well behind the vegetation, weeds, and grassy patches. Must read why do Bunnies hop?

7. What are their 2 Hunting Strategies?

They follow two strategies, active and passive so that they can decide what do newts eat in a pond.

  • Active hunting means seeking out the prey and searching for it. In this way, they leave their hiding place in search of food and hunt it down.
  • The passive way of hunting means sitting and waiting for any prey to come their way. As the prey crosses their path, the newt will attack it. Also, check out why do Hermit Crabs need Shells?

8. What do Newts eat in a Pond?

Mostly, newts stay underwater during their breeding and reproduction periods. At this time, they are hunting at any time possible, may it be day or night. Underwater newts feed on Daphnia worms (water fleas), freshwater shrimps, leeches, lesser water boatman, mayfly nymphs, seed shrimps, and small crustaceans (snails & slugs), small fishes, water lice, water shrimps, and other small water invertebrates. Any animals that fall in the pond are also on their menu list like ants, beetles, bee wasps, etc. (See Why Do Bees Sting People?)  

9. What do Newts eat on Land?

Besides what do newts eat in a pond, you must know that newts are on land for a major part of their lives. With their growing size, they can consume bigger prey. They actively hunt on damp evenings by throwing their sticky tongues at the prey, which includes crane flies, mites, slugs, snails, spiders, springtails, worms, and other small invertebrates. They do not waste time deciding which prey they should hunt. Whichever they find is going to be on their menu that night. (See How Fast Are Crocodiles on Land?)

10. What is a Crested Newt?

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Image by u_3heuehh9 from Pixabay

It is a large species of newts native to Northern and central continental Europe, western Siberia, and Great Britain. They are also known as northern crested newts, great crested newts, or warty newts. Their size can reach up to 16 cm (6.30 inches). (See Are Sand Dollars Rare?)

11. What do great Crested Newts eat?

Their diet is not distinct from other newts on a large scale. But what do newts eat in a pond includes larvae of other amphibians, frog spawns, and tadpoles, since they are larger than other newts. (See What Do Possums Eat?)

12. What are Eastern Newts?

Eastern newts are Notophthalmus, a genus of newts that contains three species, namely, black-spotted newt (Notophthalmus meridionalis), eastern newt (Notophthalmus viridescens), and striped newts (Notophthalmus perstriatus).

Their name is derived from the Greek words noton meaning back and opthalmos meaning eye. It is named so due to the presence of large pores on their backs lined in a row on the temple. Their pores are red-colored and black-bordered, while their bellies are filled with black spots too. (See How to Describe Crocodile?)

13. What do Eastern Newts eat?

Depending on their place, they also change their menu items from time to time and the availability of food. Most commonly, they feed on fish, fish eggs, frog eggs, insects, mollusks, and worms. The Eastern red-spotted newt keeps a check on the population of mosquitoes by feeding largely on the mosquitoes’ larvae. (See What is a Group of Monkeys Called?)

14. What is a Fire Belly Newt?

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Photo by Tyler Donaghy on Unsplash

The genus newt, Cynops, consists of the fire newt of the fire belly newt. They are native to China and Japan. This genus of newts has more than 10 species and all of them have yellow or bright red bellies. Also, the toxin secreted from their skin is highly dangerous if ingested. (See Why Do Snakes Shed Their Skin?)

15. What do Fire Belly Newts eat?

These small amphibians love to feed on brine shrimp, daphnia worms, chopped earthworms (if kept as a pet), freeze-dried Tubifex (worms) cubes, and glass shrimp. They are also seen feeding on guppies. Slugs, wax worms, night crawlers, blood worms, and crickets are also on their menu list. (See What Animal Eats Bananas?)

So, today you got to know about what do newts eat in a pond, what do great crested newts eat, what do eastern newts eat, and what do fire belly newts eat. It is time to share your views about any more food items loved by newts. Also, check out list of names for groups of animals.

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