What Do GL And HWP Mean In Personal Ads?

What is the meaning of GL and HWP? GL Stands for good looking, whereas HWP stands for “height weight proportionate”.
What Do GL And HWP Mean In Personal Ads?
  1. What do GL and HWP imply in Personal ads?

    In personal ads, GL means Good Looking. Whereas HWP is ‘Height Weight Proportionate.’

  2. Where does HWP is generally used?

    HWP is often used in dating sites which generally represents the actual numbers, hiding the person’s real weight. Primarily, it is an acronym used as a euphemism for overweight but now not morbidly obese. (See In The Context Of Anime, What Does “Ara Ara” Mean?)

  3. Where does GL mean in slang?

    GL represents ‘Good Luck’ and is predominantly used in text messages. It is also used in gaming or to display sportsmanship to your opponent and wish them good luck. Moreover, it is also used immensely on social media platforms, including Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.

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