What causes fast and rapid blinking?

How do you stop rapid eye blinking? What causes excessive blinking of eyes?

How do you stop rapid eye blinking? What causes excessive blinking of eyes?

  1. Anxiety

    When a person gets anxious, their blinking rate usually increases.

  2. Being interested in someone

    According to body language if a person is interested in someone, they might feel anxious around them and so excessive blinking might happen.

  3. Blepharospasm

    Blepharospasm is a medical condition that causes excessive unwanted blinking.

  4. Being under pressure

    When a person is put under pressure, they might start blinking more often than usual. An interview candidate might blink excessively when asked a difficult question.

  5. Dry eyes

    Dry eyes or the lack of proper tear production might trigger excessive blinking. When a person blinks more, their eyes are moistened by tears.

  6. A sign of fear

    If a person got afraid, their blinking rate might increase. (See What are the body language signs of fear?)

  7. Fatigue

    Excessive fatigue can result in excessive blinking.

  8. Refractive errors

    If a person needs glasses or if they can’t see well, the blinking rate might increase.

  9. Problems with the eyelids

    If a person has problems with their eyelids then they might blink excessively.

  10. Tics

    Tics are one of the common causes of blinking in children. As long as the tic exists, the child can blink at a faster rate.

  11. Blinking turned into a habit

    If a person keeps blinking fast because they are always stressed, for example, then this person will learn the habit and their blinking rate might become fast by nature.

  12. Bacterial infection

    Bacterial infection can cause irritation in the eyes and result in excessive blinking.

  13. Some people connect blinking with lying

    Some people connect rapid blinking with lying. Those people assume that a person might get tense while talking because they are not saying the truth. (See Why do people lie?)

  14. When a person thinks faster

    Some people connect the blinking rate with the speed of thinking. Those people claim that when the blinking rate becomes faster, it usually means that the person is thinking faster.

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