What Causes Compulsive Hoarding?

What Causes Hoarding? What Is Hoarding Disorder? Hoarding: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

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  1. 1 Insecurity about the future

    A person who is too uncertain about the future might never get rid of anything even if he doesn't need it just because he is too afraid to run out of resources. By keeping old stuff beside him that person can feel safer on the unconscious level.

  2. 2 A deprived childhood

    A person who had a deprived childhood where he wasn't supplied with the objects or the emotions needed might turn to hoarding to compensate for some of those unmet needs.

  3. 3 Financial insecurity

    A person who feels financially insecure might unconsciously turn to hoarding to feel safer. As this person believes that he now has more resources his insecurity can ease a bit.

  4. 4 Fear of losing something

    If a person has an intense anxiety or fear of losing something such as important information then his anxiety might prevent him from getting rid of anything and he may end up hoarding stuff.

  5. 5 Attachment to the past

    People who have attachment to the past might find it unpleasant to get rid of old items especially if those items can help them recall some of the old memories they had.

  6. 6 Genetics

    Some psychologists suggest that hoarding can be caused by Genetic factors. Those people say that a person is more likely to hoard if one of his family members hoards.

  7. 7 Brain Damage

    It's believed that certain types of brain damage can result in hoarding behavior.

  8. 8 Problems taking a decision

    People who can't make fast decisions are more likely to hoard stuff since they might not be able to take the decision to get rid of something.

  9. 9 Procrastination can make hoarding worse

    A person who procrastinates often might keep delaying the decision to get rid of some items and as a result might end up with a pile of items that he doesn't really need.

  10. 10 A form of OCD

    Compulsive hoarding is considered a form of Obsessive compulsive disorder and so people who suffer from OCD might be more likely to develop compulsive hoarding.

  11. 11 Perfectionism

    If a person was too afraid to take the wrong decision because he is a perfectionist then he might start keeping items instead of getting rid of them.

  12. 12 A traumatic loss

    Some researchers suggest that there is a connection between a traumatic loss and hoarding behavior. According to those researchers s person who lost someone close might be more likely to hoard.

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