What Causes Compulsive Hoarding?

What Causes Hoarding? What Is Hoarding Disorder? Hoarding: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment
  1. Financial insecurity

    A person might unconsciously turn into a hoarder to feel secure or safer. Mostly it happens with the people who feel financially insecure. The hoarders also believe having more resources will make them safer.

  2. A deprived childhood

    A person may become a hoarder to compensate for some of his desires that were not fulfilled during his childhood. These people might have experienced a deprived childhood in which they were not provided with needed emotions or objects.

  3. Future Insecurity

    Uncertainty and insecurity about their own future may cause some people to become a victim of compulsive hoarding. They never get rid of their old things to ensure they have plentiful resources for unforeseeable future events.

  4. Fear of losing something

    Some people have a fear in their mind that if they get rid of their old stuff, they will never get them back. This is what makes them hoard their stuff, even if they are not using that at present. (See What are the body language signs of fear?)

  5. Genetics

    A child’s parents or other genetic factors can be highly responsible for making a person hoard their stuff. According to some psychologists, it becomes possible that a person accumulates their stuff if someone in their family is a victim of compulsive hoarding.

  6. Attachment to the past

    People who are extremely emotional and sensitive might face some challenges in getting rid of their old stuff. These people find it unpleasant to purge their old things as they may think of recalling their old memories through that stuff. (See 20 Signs That You Are Emotionally Sensitive)

  7. Problems taking a decision

    Some people are unable to make instantaneous decisions, making them hoard stuff as more likely they will not be able to decide to purge their space, which would be full of old and unwanted stuff.

  8. Procrastination

    Procrastinating is one of the biggest reasons for a person that triggers him to become a hoarder. A person procrastinating things will not be able to make decisions correctly and think of always delaying to get rid of his old stuff.

  9. A traumatic loss

    According to various experts, there is a traumatic loss, and hoarding behavior is directly connected. Some people might become a hoarder in case they lost someone very close to their heart.

  10. Perfectionism

    People who are perfectionist and have a fear in their mind of taking a wrong decision, they might prefer not prefer to get rid of their old items.

  11. A form of OCD

    It could be a form of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) as various people have been noticed to develop the symptoms of Compulsive hoarding who are already suffering from OCD.

  12. Brain Damage

    Hoarding behavior can also be triggered due to certain types of brain damages.

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