What are Youth Subcultures Today?

What are Current Subcultures? What are the Characteristics of Subculture? What are 5 Examples of Subculture? Is TikTok a Subculture? Is Gen Z considered a Subculture?
what are youth subcultures today
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Different styles, interests, and conducts form a subculture. These people often oppose the systematic culture of society showing their variety of lifestyle choices. But what are youth subcultures today and how do they affect a normal life? Well, nothing to worry about as we will discuss this in detail. Let us see what are the characteristics of subcultures and also find out what are modern subcultures. 

1. What are Current Subcultures?

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Below are some of the current subcultures:

  • Emo
  • Surf culture
  • Steampunk
  • Haul girl
  • Ski Bums
  • Hippies
  • Hipsters
  • Graffiti artists
  • Apple Community
  • New age
  • Seapunk
  • Bike
  • Gaming
  • Hacker
  • Skaters
  • Grunge
  • Influencer
  • Generation Z
  • Goth
  • Street Fashion. 

2. What are the Three Types of Subcultures?

The three types of subcultures are:

  • Conflicts subculture
  • Retreats subculture
  • Criminal subculture.

To get an idea of more cultures, you can read the article on what are cultural traits?

3. What is an Example of a Subculture in the United States?

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The LGBT community members are an example of a subculture in the United States and in other developed/ developing countries. These members have a variety of colors and styles to express themselves. These people are responsible for a change in the society of the United States. The rainbow flag is used to recognize the LGBT community and represents their adversity and pride. (See What is a Community?)

4. What are Youth Subcultures Today?

You know what are current subcultures, so now take a look at what are youth subcultures today and their characteristics:

  • Hippies: Hippie is one of the countercultures that started in the 1960s in the United States. Sexual changes, freelance, utopian socialism, music, and psychedelic art are the characteristics of the culture. They opposed the Vietnam War.
  • New Age: Culture and spirituality worsen in the 1970s without any central doctrine. Communication with angels was believed, divinity was understood, and the afterlife was the characteristic of this new age spirituality.
  • Hackers: This is a type of media subculture which helps to gain access to every corner of the Internet, however, hidden and suppressed it maybe. Different ways to hack into networks are done on hackathons by hackers. These hackers can work illegally for companies and legally for governments.
  • Surf Culture: This is a subculture responsible for chilled-out life. Surfers claim some surf breaks as their own, and territorialism is a common trope.
  • Hipsters: This subculture was researched in the 21st century. Hipsters have different styles and cultural fashion characteristics like wearing skinny jeans, oversized glasses, and beards.
  • Cosplayers: This is a costume play celebrated annually, such as Comic-Con. In this cosplay, the subcultural groups dress up in costumes that represent their favorite cartoons, comics, or film characters. 
  • Skaters: It is a subculture in which people gather around for the love of skateboarding. They skate in public areas or skate in empty pools.
  • LGBTQI: Subculture gained significance in recent years, and many people like lesbians, gays, transgender, bisexuals, intersex, queer, and 2-spirit sexualities are part of this movement. It has been recognized by law. A rainbow flag represents the pride of the subculture.

5. What are Modern Subcultures?

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The modern subcultures describe what are youth subcultures today and also what are current subcultures. This includes hip hop, otaku, and cosplay. Let’s see what are modern subcultures and their characteristics in detail:

  • Hip hop included rap, graffiti writing, breakdance, and DJing. Youth plays the main role in this subculture. It is opposite to pop culture and now you can see a rapid rise in their development.
  • Otaku is about computer games, animation, and comics skills, and the people in this subculture have indexed understanding. The people who are interested in animation, games, etc are referred to as otaku.
  • Cosplay activity refers to performing arts, behavior, and self-interpretation of role in a custom play which comes from comics, movies, games, animations, TV series, social stories, and so on. People wear similar clothes to mimic their desired role or character. It has become a global concept and has begun to get some popularity among the audience.

6. What are the Characteristics of Subculture?

To better understand what are youth subcultures today, let’s see the characteristics of subculture with some explanations:

  • Diffuse Networks: People from different social networks and cultures are part of this subculture. It is not for everyone and has informal participation. It co-exists with the mainstream culture and shares ideas about the life of people.
  • Shared Different Meanings: Their behavior differentiates from the regular norms and often goes against the current population. This distinguishes the subculture from the culture of the mainstream. Particular values and rituals are known by the people who are part of this subculture with unique knowledge factors.
  • Shared Identity: The distinguishing factor between a subculture and an informal social group is self-identification. People of subcultures share a collective identity, but sometimes they can feel to end of the relationship with their members. Generally, they refer to each other as family, and it is easier to find them in the crowd. The shared identity can be found internally or externally and is beneficial for people to identify other members.
  • Resistance: Participation can be, in one way or another, a part of cultural values. Resistance is usually three-dimensional and can be active or passive. The first dimension consists of active or passive resistance based on a person’s intentions, the second dimension consists of micro-level resistance based on the target, and macro-level resistance, or the third dimension is covert or overt depending on the action of the members of the subculture. Also, check out the cross cultural communication barriers examples.

7. What are 5 Examples of Subculture?

Examples of a subculture today are:

  • Hipsters
  • Goths
  • Bogans
  • Emos
  • Bikies.

8. Is TikTok a Subculture?

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Yes, TikTok videos are a hotbed of subcultures that tribes on expressing yourself creatively. Here, people with different ideas are seen, thus creating a subculture with similar interests on the platform. They share their passion with users who are like-minded and enthusiastic and express themselves openly. Although this can also be done on other platforms, TikTok is a part of what are youth subcultures today. It is a different subculture because it is easy to participate and show your talent. This is not only a trend but a subculture with a long-lasting community, (See What are the Elements of Culture in Sociology?)

9. Is Gen Z considered a Subculture?

Yes, Generation Z is a subculture that refers to the people born between the 1990s and 2010 that is before generation alpha and after the millennials and are included in what are youth subcultures today. These people spend most of their time on screen and are easy to find over the Internet. They are also called digital natives. This is the answer to what are modern subcultures. Must see Characteristics of Generation Z.

10. Are Sports a Subculture?

Many sports help discipline the mind and the body. They are referred to as subcultures and serve as an alternative to the traditional sports culture. Requirements of modern society include risk, thus allowing for individualism. Must read How can You preserve Culture in Today’s Living?

11. Is Anime a Subculture?

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Yes, anime has become a subculture over the last decade with the growing space in Western viewers’ hearts. Animes originated in Japan as an animation style with colorful graphics, vibrant characters, and fantastic themes with action plots. (See 20 Best Anime Characters)

12. Are College Students a Subculture?

Yes, college students also have a different subculture since the struggles of meetings and schedules are different, and they have their language. They have different verbal quotes even in similar agent groups and find it easy to communicate with the people of their subculture who understands lingo and their struggles. Therefore, an average student who attends college is part of a subculture. (See How is Culture Transmitted from One Generation to Another?)

13. Is Social Media a Subculture?

Yes, social media is a subculture where people create small groups having the same interest giving the groups an online identity. This subculture on social media is an example of what are youth subcultures today and has made strides significantly. (Also check Why do people share photos on social networks?)

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