What are the Six Seasons in India?

What are the Seasons in India? What are the names of the Six Seasons? Which Countries have all 6 Seasons? What are Seasons in the USA?
what are the six seasons in India
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A season is a time span of the year with its distinct climatic features and conditions. Seasons have a repetitive pattern, having distinct light, temperature, humidity, etc. It defines the type of vegetation of a particular area and its crop quality. Different countries have different climatic conditions, which even decide the skin color and living conditions of the natives. The seasons have a great influence on our lives. Do you know that there are six seasons in India? It is interesting to find amazing facts about seasons. Continue reading to learn about the six seasons of India and 6 season names.

1. What are the 6 Seasons in India? List Seasons Name in English and Hindi

what are the six seasons in India 4
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India is a country of great diversity. It experiences almost every season in different parts of the country, more or less. The different seasons define a variety of vegetation and the agriculture production quality. India is a South Asian country with a mega diversity. There are six seasons in India. (See When do Days Start to get Longer?)

Every country has its local languages or local dialects, to name something for common use. This local nomenclature means the same as English nomenclature but is more relatable to the local population. Similarly, in India, we have different names for every season. The 6 season names in Hindi and English are as follows. 

Name in English Name in Hindi
Spring Vasant Ritu
Summer Grishma Ritu
Monsoon Varsha Ritu
Autumn Sharad Ritu
Pre-winter Hemant Ritu
Winter Shishir or Shita Ritu

2. What are the 6 Seasons in India with Months?

India experiences six seasons in total across different states. The six seasons in India are:

  • Spring: This season starts in mid-February in India. It is called Vasant Ritu in Hindi.
  • Summer: This season is from April to June. It is known as Jyeshta in the Hindu calendar.
  • Monsoon: It starts in the month of July, followed by the moderate and heavy rainfall across India. It is called Bhadrapada, or Sawan and Bhado in the Hindu calendar.
  • Autumn: This season lasts from mid-August to September. The two months of Ashwin and Kartik of the Hindu calendar fall in this season of autumn.
  • Pre-winter: The mid-October to December period is called pre-winter. These months are called Agrahayana and Pausha according to the Hindu calendar. (See What State has the Highest Humidity?)
  • Winter: It is the coldest season which lasts from January to February.  

These are the six seasons of India. You can also check out the 16 snowing in the mountains facts.

3. Explain 6 Seasons Names with Pictures

The list of 6 season names is given below:

A. Spring

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Being the season of beauty, spring is seen as a season of revival. This season is marked by greenery all around. The pale leaves shed, and the buds open up to give flowers. The maximum temperature is approximately 32 degrees Celsius. In India, spring breakouts in the month of February last till April. But seasons aren’t universal over the globe. In the USA, spring is there in the month of March to June. Must read what are the uses of Soil?

B. Summer

Summer: what are the six seasons in India 3
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The temperature gradually increases, and the surrounding is hotter during the summer season. This season can be experienced from April to June in India.  It is the hottest season in the complete season cycle. It occurs after spring and before autumn. (See Why some people prefer winter over summer?)

C. Monsoon

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Monsoon starts in July, marked by the showers across the country, causing landslides, floods, etc. However, life completely depends on the monsoon in certain areas. It plays an important role in the agriculture of the country. The name monsoon is derived from the Arabic word mausim, which means a change in the weather or winds.

D. Autumn

Autumn: what are the six seasons in India 2
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Pale leaves and the shedding of leaves are two major beauties of autumn. The average temperature of the season is around 33 degrees Celsius from mid-August to September. It is the preparation time for trees to get ready for winter. Trees store their food because of less availability of light in winter. It is also called fall in the American areas.

E. Pre-Winter

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The average temperature of the season is around 27 degrees Celsius. Mid October to December period is considered pre-winter as it is the winter announcing season. It is a season of transition between autumn to winter season. (See  12 Facts about Fog Breath)

F. Winter

Winter: what are the six seasons in India 1
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The average temperature is approximately 23 degrees Celsius. It is the coldest of all the six seasons in India and it occurs after the pre-winter season and before spring. It lasts from January to February. Due to rotation and revolution, the Earth is away from the Sun during that period, causing less sunlight and the winter season. (See What is Revolution and Rotation?)

4. Which Countries have all 6 Seasons?

Different countries have different season cycles depending on their location and distance from the Equator or poles. Some countries have six seasons; others have two or three. So, the season cycle is not even throughout continents or a country. Bangladesh is the only country in the world that experiences all six seasons. Though there are six seasons in India, the season cycle is not even throughout the country. (See What are the Names of Coldest Places on Earth?)

5. Which Country has 4 Seasons?

Besides getting the names of the six seasons of India, note that the countries which are located in the temperate zones of the Southern and Northern Hemispheres experience four seasons. For example, Finland, Scandinavian countries, Iran, etc are believed to have the proper four seasons. Also, check out what is the smallest Island in the World?

6. What are Seasons in USA?

The United States of America experiences four seasons throughout the year:

  • Spring: This season lasts from March to May and greenery is the primary attraction during that time. The maximum temperature is estimated to be 21 degrees Celsius approximately. Must read what does the Thermometer and Snowflake mean on Weather App?)
  • Summer: The temperature gradually increases to 50-55 degrees, and it lasts from June to August.
  • Fall: It is marked by the discoloring and shedding of leaves with temperatures ranging from + 20 to -3 degrees Celsius. This season occurs between September and December.
  • Winter: This season lasts from December to February and the temperature goes high from 19 degrees to as low as -16 Degrees Celsius. Most of the Northern states experience snowfall during winter. (See What States don’t get Snow?)

So, that’s it for today. Hope you got your answers regarding the six seasons in India. And along with the six seasons of India, you must have read about the different 6 season names according to the Hindu calendar. (Also read What Time does it get Dark?)

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