What are the personality differences between dog and cat owners?

Personality Differences Between Dog and Cat Owners | Truth About Cat People and Dog-People Personalities

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  1. 1 Dog owners are usually more extroverted

    Studies have shown that Dog owners are usually more extroverted and outgoing than cat owners. Because a dog is required to be taken out for walks every now and then, introverts usually find it a burden to own a dog.

  2. 2 Cat owners are more cautious and reserved

    Cat owners are usually more cautious and reserved than dog owners. Cat owners usually don't trust people fast. This is one of the reasons they like cats; they find some of their personality traits very similar to their own (See also why do people like cats).

  3. 3 Those who own both are dog people

    Studies have found that those who own both dogs and cats have the personality of Dog people.

  4. 4 Dog owners are usually more dominant

    According to some studies, dog owners scored higher in dominance than cat owners. While a typical cat owner might be silently observing things, a dog owner will be telling stories to the people he just met.

  5. 5 Dog owners scored lower in neuroticism

    Cat owners scored higher in neuroticism. This doesn't mean that cat owners are psychologically unstable, but it means that in general dog owners are less likely to develop neurotic traits than cat owners.

  6. 6 Cat owners are usually more sensitive

    Some studies have shown that cat owners are more sensitive. Cat owners are drawn to the cuteness of cats and their lovely looks and this can reflect more emotional sensitivity (See why are some people very emotionally sensitive).

  7. 7 People who fear any of them need to treat their fears first

    If a person fears any of those animals, or both, before knowing whether he is a cat or a dog person he first needs to get over this phobia. It's very normal for a person to get over his phobia and adopt an animal he feared for a long period of time.

  8. 8 Cat owners are more socially independent

    Dog owners can hardly survive without seeing their friends or meeting new people. Cat people can usually spend a lot of time alone and are more socially independent.

  9. 9 One study has shown that cat owners are more intelligent

    One study has shown that cat owners scored higher in IQ tests.

  10. 10 Dog owners are more likely to conform to rules

    Dog owners are more likely to conform to rules, while cat owners can sometimes be nonconformists.

  11. 11 Cat people are more open and creative

    Cat people usually have a better imagination, a higher level of creativity and a mind that is more open to new experiences than dog owners (See how to become a creative thinker).

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