What are the personality differences between dog and cat owners?

Personality Differences Between Dog and Cat Owners | Truth About Cat People and Dog-People Personalities
  1. Dog owners are usually more extroverted

    As per the research, it has been observed that dog owners are mostly more extrovert and outgoing as compared to cat owners. The person who owns a dog has to take the dog out for a walk now and then. Introverts do not like going out so often, and they feel it as a burden; thus, they do not like owning a dog and prefer a cat instead.

  2. Cat owners are more cautious and reserved

    It has been seen that cat owners are more careful and reserved than dog owners in most cases. Also, cat owners usually have such a trait that they find it difficult to trust people quickly. This is one of the reasons they own cats as they feel that their personal trait is somewhat similar to cats.

  3. Those who own both are dog people

    As per the studies, people who own both cats and dogs have the personality of dog people.

  4. Dog owners are usually more dominant

    According to a survey; god owners are more dominant than the people who own cats. A cat owner might silently observe things, whereas dog owners start telling stories to people whom they just met.

  5. Dog owners scored lower in neuroticism

    Catownersscore high in neuroticism as compared to dog owners. This means that dog owners are less prone to develop neurotic traits than cat owners. Also, this does not imply that cat owners are psychologically unstable.

  6. Cat owners are usually more sensitive

    As per a few studies, cat owners are comparatively more sensitive than dog owners. One of the reasons behind it is that they are more attracted to the cat’s cuteness and looks, which reflects that they are more emotionally sensitive. (See 20 Signs That You Are Emotionally Sensitive)

  7. People who fear any of them need to treat their fears first

    Anyone who fears these animals than should first need to get over their phobia. It is not tough for a person to get over this phobia and own such cute animals as their pets. (See What are the body language signs of fear?)

  8. Cat owners are more socially independent

    Some studies show that it is difficult for dog owners to live without meeting their friends or new people. On the other hand, cat owners love spending time alone and are more socially independent.

  9. One study has shown that cat owners are more intelligent

    As per a review, it was observed that people who own cats scored higher in IQ tests.

  10. Dog owners are more likely to conform to rules

    Cat owners might sometimes be non-conformists, whereas dog owners are more prone to conform to regulations.

  11. Cat people are more open and creative

    Cat owners are believed to have a better imagination, possess a higher level of creativity, and have a mind that is open to new experiences compared to the dog owners.

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