What are Curling Rink Dimensions?

What is Curling? What are the Basics of the Game? Which Strategic Moves are used on the Ice Sheet? What are Curling Stones and Brooms? Why is Water sprayed on the Ice?
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As per the World Sports Encyclopedia (2003), there are about 8,000 sports games and indigenous sports in the world. Curling is also one of them. You may or may not have heard about this sport but no issues. Today you will read about curling, curling rink dimensions, along with curling court. Also, you will find out how long is a curling rink.

1. What is Curling?

It is a sport in which players slide stones on an ice sheet toward their opponents. As per the records discovered, curling has been played in Scotland from as early as the 16th century. (See What is Zorbing?)

2. What are the Basics of this Game?

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  • Each team has 4 players and each player gets 2 chances to hit the stone.
  • When all 16 strikes have been done, the team whose stone is closest to the rink, which is the center of the house wins the game.
  • There are several rules like a draw, a takeout, etc., which determine the position of the stone.

3. What are its Strategic moves?

In the curling sheet, players learn to make various moves and use different strategies. The draw, guard, and take out are among those strategies.

  • The draw includes the delivery of stone in a bowling motion.
  • The guard includes gliding with the stone as far as possible to deliver the stone accurately and to the correct point.
  • Take out means pulling the stone backward up to the front of the hack and then pushing it forward into a smooth glide. The broom (curling stick) will support the delivery while you will slide on your lead foot and your back leg will be stretched out behind you, in a dragging position. 

4. What is Curling Stone?

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Before moving ahead to know curling rink dimensions, know about the stones. The stones used to play the game are made of pure granite. The large chunks of stone are from Scotland and are later converted into a particular shape, size, and weight. These stones are owned by the club and not by any individual player. 

It is concave on upper and lower surfaces and in some stones, the degree of concavity is different on both sides. This allows the player to flip the stone whenever he needs the stone to run fast or slow. A handle on the circular plastic disk is bolted to the stone. These handles are mostly yellow or red and are surrounded by a light color band ribbon that is known as the striking surface. (See 7 Different Curling Sport Equipment)

5. What does Curling Broom do?

It is the stick used to play the game. The ice in the path of the stone is cleared with it and it also helps the player to balance himself. It is used to deliver the stone. (See What is a Hockey Puck made of?)

6. What are Curling Rink Dimensions?

As per the Rules of Curling laid down by the World Curling Federation considering the curling rink dimensions, the length of the curling sheet should be between 45 and 46 m (146 to 150 feet) and it should be 4.4 to 5.0 m (14.5 to 16.5 feet) wide. The target or the house is at the center of the intersection of the center line of the tee line and sheet. This is 4.9 m (16 feet) drawn parallel to the backboard. These lines divide the house into its quarters. Must read about the Longest Home Run Ever Hit.

7. How long is a Curling Rink?

what are curling rink dimensions

The playing surface is known as a sheet or the curling rink. The length of the ice sheet is about 140 feet and the width is 14 feet. The main features of a curling rink are the button, the hacks, the house, the hog line, and the tee line. (See How to Play Checkers and Win?)

8. What is Button in the Curling Court?

It is the centre circle inside the house. There is only one centre circle and three concentric circles. The concentric circles are 4 feet, 8 feet, and 12 feet in diameter. To make these concentric circles, a colored vinyl sheet is laid down or painted under the ice. These sheets are differently colored to make the distinction easier. There are 2 hog lines of 11 m (37 feet) drawn parallel to the backboard. (See How many Dimples on a British Golf Ball?)

9. What is the Role of Hacks?

Further in the curling rink dimensions, understand that when the player throws the stone, he needs something to push against, which is why these hacks are installed. It is the place from where the player makes the throw. They are fixed about 3.7 m (12 feet) from each of the buttons. An indoor rink has two fixed hacks. Its inside edge is 76 mm (3 inches) from the front edge of the hack line to the centre line. They are located on each side of the centre line and have rubber-lined holes. Must see What is World Cup of Hockey Hats?

10. What is the Temperature of Ice Sheet?

The curling sheet is the frozen layer of thick ice having a temperature of −5 °C (23 °F). Although the ice is natural, it is kept frozen by a refrigeration plant which is pumping a brine solution. This solution travels through various pipes fixed horizontally at the bottom of the shallow water pan. The temperature and air humidity are well maintained to keep the sheet frozen. (See How to Throw a Curveball?)

11. What is Pebbled Surface?

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The ice sheet of the curling court is not a plane surface before the game and so water is sprayed on it. The water drops result in the formation of pebbles on the surface which gives the surface an orange peel appearance. The main purpose behind this pebble formation is to reduce the friction between the ice and the stone during the game. It allows the stone to travel farther with a curl, or it travels on the surface in a curled path.

So, today you finally got to know about curling rink dimensions and curling sport. It is time when you can ask your friends how long is a curling rink and see if they know the answer about the curling court or not. (See What is a Baseball Made of?)

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