What are the Characteristics of Type B Personality?

What Does It Mean to Have a Type B Personality? Defining Characteristics of Type B Personality
  1. They are very relaxed

    Type B personalities are relaxed by nature. They take time to think before acting and they can enjoy their time without worrying too much.

  2. They don’t have a high sense of time urgency

    Unlike type A’s who stress about the passing of time, type B’s don’t get frustrated much when time passes. They don’t have a very high sense of time urgency and they don’t feel like they are in any kind of race.

  3. Handle stress well

    While type A’s lose their temper, get mad or get tensed when they are stressed, type B’s are better at handling stress as they don’t get stressed very easily.

  4. Not as competitive as Type A’s

    Type B’s are better at handling failure; they don’t feel that bad when they lose, unlike type A’s who are extremely competitive and hate to fail. (See What are the characteristics of a Type A personality?)

  5. They are very flexible

    Type B’s are more flexible; they don’t panic when they are forced to change their plans because they always believe they have plenty of time. Type A’s on the other hand, who are constantly in a race, hate to waste a second and that’s why they usually stick to the same routine.

  6. People feel at ease around them

    Type A’s hate slow people and can be very harsh when someone under delivers. Type B’s are more relaxed; they handle people with more care and people usually feel more relaxed around them.

  7. They are laid back

    Type B’s are laid back, they can enjoy relaxing or doing nothing without feeling guilty. Type A’s, on the other hand, always keep track of time to see what they have achieved on a certain day.

  8. Might procrastinate

    Because type B’s are more relaxed, they are more likely to procrastinate or delay work. Type A’s hardly procrastinate and never delay important tasks.

  9. They are patient

    At least much more patient than type A’s, who can hardly wait for anything without losing their temper. (See Why are some people very patient?)

  10. They are very calm

    Type B’s are much calmer than type A’s especially when there is a deadline or a stressful event going on. While a type B will still feel relaxed even when there is a deadline, a type A would get so stressed.

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