What are the characteristics of a Type A personality?

What does it mean to have Type A Personality Traits What are the characteristics of a Type A personality?
  1. They know how to prioritize

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  2. They hate drama

    Dramatic T.V series and meaningless conversations are some of the things they don’t normally like getting into.

  3. They like to do more than to plan

    Planning is good but too much planning for a type A person is a total waste of time. They are aware that their goals and plans can change along the way due to experience and realising better ways to pursue their goals, so they don’t just sit and plan, they jump in.

  4. Sense of time urgency

    The type A personality is very conscious of time. He checks the time often and organizes all of his activities around time. He always has a sense of time urgency and is more aware of the passing time than the average person.

  5. They are always busy

    The type A person always has a busy schedule with so many tasks that he tries to accomplish on a daily basis. Type A person feels guilty if time passed without doing anything useful and that’s why his schedule is always loaded with things.

  6. They are always running

    You hardly ever see a Type A person relaxing. He is always on the run, always has something to do and always checking the time. This makes it really hard for him to relax.

  7. Very punctual

    Because the Type A person is very time conscious, he is very punctual. Time is very important to him and that’s why he hardly ever wastes it by being late.

  8. Very ambitious

    Type A’s are usually very ambitious people who have lots of goals in mind. The reason they are always running is because they believe they can fulfill their goals and satisfy their ambition.

  9. They get things done

    Type A’s are people with a can-do attitude. They are like soldiers in a battle field. They achieve their goals and unlike so many people they are perfectly aware of the goals they are trying to accomplish.

  10. Type A’s are impatient

    Type A’s are impatient people. They can’t wait too long for results and they always want things right now. To sell a product to a type A you have to deliver it immediately. (See Why do type A personalities get stressed?)

  11. They hate working with slow people

    Type A’s are fast people who get things done really fast. They hate to work with slow people who slow them down and they lose their patience fast when someone doesn’t match their speed.

  12. Type A’s are very hard workers

    Type A’s go lengths when they believe in what they are doing. They are hard workers by nature and they usually get more things accomplished than the average person in the same time period. (See What are the Characteristics of Type B Personality?)

  13. Type A’s are very competitive

    Type A’s are very competitive people. They love competition, enjoy them and hate to lose.

  14. They multitask efficiently

    Type A’s are very efficient at multitasking. They can work on more than one thing at once and deliver everything before the deadline.

  15. They don’t have weekends

    Type A’s usually work all week and even if they take a day off they usually spend half of it working.

  16. They can get really emotional

    Type A’s might shout, scream and get very emotional when things don’t work their way or when others slow them down.

  17. They get frustrated very easily

    Because they always compare their progress against time, type A’s get frustrated very easily and are more subject to stress than ordinary people.

  18. They usually interrupt others during conversations

    Type A’s can hardly wait for someone to keep talking without getting directly to the point. As a result, they usually interrupt people.

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