What are the characteristics of a mesomorph body type?

What’s a Mesomorph Body Type? What are the characteristics of a mesomorph body type?
  1. They have muscular bodies

    Mesomorphs have naturally muscular bodies. They are usually well-built without ever exercising or going to the gym.

  2. They develop muscles fast

    Mesomorphs usually develop muscles at a very fast rate compared to the other body types. (See How to strengthen your core muscles?)

  3. They have balanced bodies

    Mesomorphs are not slim nor fat. Their bodies are well-balanced and they look more fit than other body types.

  4. Their limbs are more proportional

    Mesomorphs have proportional limbs. Their limbs aren’t as slim as Ectomorphs nor as big as Endomorphs.

  5. They have a balanced metabolic rate

    Mesomorphs have a balanced metabolic rate and not a fast one like Ectomorphs or a slow one like Endomorphs. (See What are the characteristics of an ectomorph body?)

  6. They have broad shoulders

    Unlike mesomorphs who usually have narrow shoulders, mesomorphs have broad and well-defined shoulders.

  7. They are very energetic

    Because of their muscular body that allows them to do lots of physical activities without fatigue, mesomorphs are usually very energetic and love sports.

  8. They are assertive and confident

    While there are so many factors that affect self-confidence, mesomorphs are more likely to develop an assertive and confident personality because they usually have less concerns about their looks or body shape.

  9. Mesomorphs can easily lose fat

    Mesomorphs can easily lose fat unlike endomorphs who struggle to lose the same amount of fat. Because their bodies have more muscles, their fat burning rate is usually high.

  10. They are outgoing, adventurous and courageous

    While personality depends greatly on the external environment it’s still believed that mesomorphs are more likely to develop an outgoing and adventurous personality. The fact that their bodies are more immune to injuries might make them more courageous.

  11. They have V-shaped bodies

    Mesomorphs usually have V-shaped bodies because of their wide shoulders and relatively narrow waist.

  12. Their muscles are very well-defined

    Mesomorphs have very well-defined muscles. When they exercise, their muscles usually become clearer and more prominent than those of ectomorphs and endomorphs.

  13. They have strong bones

    Mesomorphs usually have strong bones. Some people believe that Mesomorphs are less likely to get injured than Ectomorphs due to the latter’s delicate bone structure.

  14. More tolerant than ectomorphs

    Mesomorphs are usually more tolerant than ectomorphs because their body structure usually helps them do vigorous activities without getting tired fast.

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