What are the Categories of items Stored in Computer?

What is a Storage? What are RAM and ROM? Where is Memory stored? What is a Cloud Storage?
what are the categories of items stored in computer

Digital information is captured and maintained via computer data storage. Offices, data centers, remote locations, and homes all make use of computer storage. In laptops and other smartphones, every storage is crucial. In this article, we will learn about the categories of items stored in computer and the types of storage devices in computer. Also, you will find out where is memory stored in a computer.

1. What are the Categories of Items stored in Computer?

Computer memory stores the computer operating system and runs the computer hardware and application software. It completes the tasks which the users want after the said data is computed by the software. The categories of items stored in computer are: –

  • When the program is executed, all the instructions are stored in memory for every processor to work.
  • The processors estimate the user data, and it also gets stored in the memory. The memory can store unused data not for critical use but also for operations.
  • The operating system is the user interface between the application software, the user, and the hardware used while completing these tasks. 

2. Where is Memory stored in a Computer?

All the computer memory is stored in the secondary memory of the computer. This is listed under the categories of items stored in computer. (See 3 Types of Computer Language)

3. How many Types of Storage Devices in Computer are there?

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Computer memory is one of the categories of items stored in computer and is stored in both External and Internal memory as explained below.

In Internal memory, there are two types of storage devices in computer viz RAM and ROM 

  • A RAM or Random Access Memory helps only to keep things in its memory until the power is switched off. Hence, it is only for short-term memory storage. ROM saves data despite of whether the power is turned off or not.
  • The ROM or Read Only Memory is computerized with a set of instructions that are only read by the computer. The ROM stores things like computer BIOS. It operates over the fundamental program system like input/output functions, screen, and keyboard.

External memory is latent memory, which means after the power is turned off, the memory stands perfect. Some common kinds of external memory are hard drives and CD-ROMs. However, the first external memory was the floppy disk. 

4. What is the Control System of the Computer?

The computer performs its primary tasks as a machine that we can’t see, it has a control center that converts the input data into output data. This is called the CPU which is called the central processing unit and is the control system of the computer. It is a highly complex process that stores all programs. Every computer, whether small or large, must always have a central processing unit. (See What is System Unit in Computer?)

5. What is an Arithmetic Logic Unit?

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The ALU or Arithmetic Logic Unit can always work on four kinds of arithmetic operations or mathematical calculations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Just as the name suggests it performs all the arithmetic logic unit operations. It compares the data, numbers, letters, or other special characters. (Also read 23 Most Fun Things to Do with Your Computer)

6. What is a Cache Memory? Can it store all data?

A cache is a temporary memory which is termed CPU cache memory. It is a chip-based feature of the device which provides access to some information more quickly than the main hard drive. The data from programs and other files you use the most is stored in the temporary memory as it is the fastest memory in the computer. (See Why Does Computer Hardware Fail?)

The cache storage capacity is limited, and it is also expensive to buy. It is used for storing most of the important data and the rest of everything goes to RAM. 

7. What is a Cloud Storage?

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Besides knowing about the categories of items stored in computer, note that cloud storage is the newest and most handy type of storage for any computer device. The cloud does not refer to a single place or object, however, it refers to the collection of servers given in data centers all over the world. When you save a document in the cloud it means you store it on the servers. Just as cloud storage stores everything online, it doesn’t use any of the computer’s secondary storage which helps you save space. (See Top Best Computer for Blind Person)

8. How does Memory and Storage differ?

It could confuse some people that both memory and storage are the same because it is measured in the same units. It is measured in bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, etc. This is the reason that both memory and storage hold data in different spaces.

  • Memory – Memory is called RAM. It is a part of the computer which is used when switched on. The computer storage is called RAM, and it stores all information. When a program is run or a search engine is performed, everything happens in RAM. The RAM is empty when the computer is switched off. More capacity of RAM helps in using more RAM.
  • Storage – Storage means which is used for long-term storage. Every storage is written on the hard disk drive that is HDD. This is permanent storage and a lot of hard drive storage means huge storage. 

The primary and secondary forms of storage are both used by the computer. Programs are kept in secondary memory and the CPU does not store any memory. Computer memory is the storage area in the computer where processed and stored data is kept. This article was all about the categories of items stored in computer. Share it with your friends if you find it informative.

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