What are the body language signs of fear?

What are the signs someone is intimidated by you? The Body Language of Fear!
  1. Fast heart beat

    When a person becomes afraid, their heart beats faster. This can be noticed by looking at the person’s shoulder movement. The shoulder of the person is going to move up and down in a fast rate when they are afraid.

  2. Fast breathing rate

    The person who is afraid is going to breathe faster and their breathes are going to be shorter. This change can be noticed by looking at the person’s chest and shoulder movement.

  3. Crossed legs

    One of the signs of fear in body language is crossing one’s legs. If the person becomes afraid while they are sitting, they might cross their legs.

  4. Leaving bigger personal space

    If a person is afraid of you, they will keep a big personal space between them and you. The person will try to keep a bigger distance between you both.

  5. Wider eyes

    When a person gets tensed or afraid, their eyes become wider. Watch out for the change in the person’s facial expression in order to notice that change.

  6. Raised eyebrows

    When a person feels afraid, their eyebrows are going to be raised as high as possible and they are going to move towards the nose. (See The body language of defeat)

  7. Eyelids will change their shape

    When a person feels afraid, the top eyelids will move higher, while the bottom eyelids will become flat.

  8. The lip becomes flat

    When a person gets afraid, the corners of the lip might pull back towards the ears. This will make the lips seem flat.

  9. Tense body

    When a person feels afraid, their muscles will become tense, and as a result, their movement will appear rigid and lacking flexibility.

  10. Freezing in place

    When a person gets very afraid, they might freeze completely and not make any move. The freezing could last for seconds before the person attempts to move again.

  11. Fidgeting

    Fidgeting is one of the popular signs of nervousness. When a person gets tense or nervous, they might fidget and make random moves. (See The body language signs of stress)

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