What Are The Benefits Of Sunlight To The Body?


How Little Doses of Sunlight Help the Body? What Are The Benefits Of Sunlight To The Body?

  1. Improves Vitamin D concentration

    Regular sunlight exposure will not let your body to experience the deficiency of Vitamin D. It is vital for the body as it promotes bone growth, prevents breast cancer, seasonal disorders, inflammation, and depression.

  2. Lowers Blood pressure

    Ultraviolet rays help to reduce your blood pressure by releasing nitric oxide. As nitric oxide is a crucial compound needed to lower down the blood pressure.

  3. Helps to get a profound sleep

    Your body will maintain a normal circadian rhythm if you get the regular optimum exposure of sunlight. Circadian rhythm is a process that regulates the sleep-wake cycle and repeats every 24 hours.

  4. Protect against Cancer

    Sunlight helps your body to maintain the optimum level of Vitamin D. Furthermore, according to some experts, Vitamin D is a significant component ideal for the prevention of breast and Colorectal Cancer.

  5. Improves the mood

    You may not experience mood swings and seasonal depression if you are in touch with sunlight exposure. The reason has identified as sunlight increases serotonin levels of our body. Most of the cold climate countries where people experience a lack of sun are found to have a lower serotonin level. It implies serotonin levels can affect the mood.

  6. Protects against melanoma

    Melanoma is a kind of skin cancer. Outdoor exposure to sunlight can decrease the risk of melanoma.

  7. Heals skin disorders

    Sunlight is also capable of healing various other skin disorders such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, and several fungal infections.

  8. Boosts fertility

    Melatonin levels are a kind of hormone that is not required for fertility. Sunlight helps in reducing these hormones, which boosts your possibility of being fertile in women. Whereas, for men, sunlight also boosts testosterone levels. (See How Testosterone affects male behaviour?)

  9. Healthy teeth

    According to a survey done in Scotland, it was found that children who do not have regular exposure to sunlight have a higher risk of developing cavities.

  10. Lowers the risk of Multiple Sclerosis

    Getting adequate sun exposure prevents the risk of developing MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and maternal vitamin D levels for women during pregnancy.

  11. Contributes to bone health

    Sunlight helps in stimulating the absorption of bone-strengthening calcium, especially in older people. According to research, lower blood levels of Vitamin D3 are associated with a higher rate of fractures, whereas higher blood levels of Vitamin D3 are linked to a lower rate of fractures.

  12. Good for women

    Sunlight is much needed for women as it reduces the risk of their suffering from polycystic ovary disease that causes infertility, unwanted body hair, and abnormal menstruation cycle.

  13. Relieves aches and pain

    Your body’s muscle pain can be eased with sunlight. A study shows that it also helps in reducing inflammation in the body, such as arthritis, which further decreases pain.

  14. Maintaining equilibrium is imperative

    It is pivotal to maintain a balance of sunlight exposure. Undoubtedly, sunlight has numerous health benefits, but it is only if your exposure in moderation. If you overexpose your skin for a longer time in Sunlight, it might lead to skin pigmentation or other skin problems.

  15. Boosts the immune system

    Availing for adequate sun exposure facilitates our body producing more white blood cells (Lymphocytes), which improves our body resistance and helps us fight many infections. (See Why is vitamin C good for you?)

  16. Beneficial for Alzheimer’s patients

    The consolidation of full-spectrum sunlight in a day with the darkness at night can treat Alzheimer’s diseases such as reducing emotional turmoils, and anxiety.

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