What are the benefits of studying computer science?

Why Study Computer Science? Top 13 Reasons to Study Computer Science
  1. Many career options

    In the information age, almost everything is becoming computerized. This kind of move makes it possible for computer science graduates to work in so many different places.

  2. Earning a higher pay

    Computer science graduates usually earn higher salaries compared to graduates of different majors.

  3. Better problem solving skills

    People who study computer science usually learn how to solve problems well. Studying computer science can thus improve one’s problem solving skills.

  4. You can work independently

    Computer science graduates have the change of working independently by becoming independent programmers or web-designers.

  5. Can start an internet business easily

    A computer science graduate can easily start an internet business and take a chance in the booming IT industry.

  6. Comfort with technology

    People who study computer science become comfortable with technology and new technological innovations. This can give them an advantage in their career.

  7. You can make a big difference

    Computer science graduates have the chance of making a big difference in the world since many industries are heavily based on computers. (See What are the benefits of learning Linux?)

  8. You can work remotely

    Computer science graduates might get the chance to work from home or even remotely for a company that is in a different country.

  9. You can work in a team or alone

    Computer science gives you the chance to either work as a part of a team to work alone on a single project. Unlike some other majors, you have both options.

  10. It can help your other career

    If you have a different career and decided to study computer science, you will be able to combine both majors together to improve your current career.

  11. There are IT jobs everywhere

    Almost all companies and institutions need IT people and people who know well about computers. Studying computer science can give you the chance to find a job where you currently live.

  12. You will work with what you studied

    Unlike some other majors where people study one thing then work with different things, computer science allows you to work with what you studied.

  13. You can work while studying

    Studying computer science might give you the chance to work very early even while you are still studying. (See Why Everyone Should Learn Programming?)

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