What are the benefits of learning Linux?

Why is it important to learn Linux? What are the benefits of learning how to use Linux?
  1. Linux is used on most servers

    Most web servers and servers that provide services run Linux. When you learn Linux, you will be able to understand the way many of the servers you communicate with use.

  2. You will learn how hardware systems work

    Many computers, supercomputers, phones, airplanes, and automobiles use Linux operating system at its core. Learning Linux can give you a better understanding of how those devices work.

  3. A better chance of getting a job

    When you learn Linux you will have a better chance of finding a job since many companies need people with knowledge about Linux to administer their servers.

  4. You can personally use it

    Linux is a very stable operating system that you can personally use. After you learn Linux, you can run it on your own machine.

  5. You can administer websites

    Most web servers run Linux. When you learn how to use Linux you will have a better chance at becoming a web admin.

  6. Linux is much more secure

    You can use Linux on your personal computer and not worry much about security since Linux is much more secure than windows and fewer viruses are written for it. (See Why Internet Cookies are harmless?)

  7. Linux is free

    Most Linux distributions are free. Linux is a free software and most of the software that runs on it is free as well.

  8. Better development environment

    Linux has many tools that make the job of a developer much easier. If you are a programmer, learning Linux might be very useful for you.

  9. Linux can run on minimal hardware

    Linux is very efficient and so it can run on almost any hardware. You don’t need a special computer or advanced hardware to run Linux.

  10. Linux is faster

    Linux is a fast operating system, and if configured right, it can run much faster than other operating systems.

  11. You can customize everything

    Linux is highly customizable. You can customize almost all aspects of your computer once you install Linux on it. (See What are the benefits of studying computer science?)

  12. Android phones run Linux

    All Android phones run certain versions of Linux. By learning Linux, you can get a better understanding of how the Android system works.

  13. You will learn how operating systems work

    When you learn Linux you will get an idea about how Memory, Multitasking, multiprocessing and many of the other operating system tasks work.

  14. Linux is highly stable

    Linux is a very stable operating system. You don’t have to worry about crashes or blue screens once you start using Linux.

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