What are the benefits of learning how to say ‘NO’?

The Power of Saying 'No' | 11 benefits of learning to say 'no' in your life!

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  1. 1 Having less suppressed emotions

    According to psychologists, people who say yes to everything, even when they don't agree, end up suppressing many unhealthy emotions that can affect their well-being in a bad way.

  2. 2 Having higher self-esteem

    People who say yes to everything might end up feeling weak compared to others. Those feelings can lead to a lower self-esteem.

  3. 3 Paying more attention to your needs

    When you learn how to say no, you will learn how to pay more attention to your personal needs. This will result in an improved self-esteem.

  4. 4 You seem more masculine

    According to studies, testosterone hormone makes people less agreeable. This doesn't mean that you should disagree with everyone, but it means you should agree when you don't like something. See how can a man tell if he has high testosterone.

  5. 5 You will become more assertive

    When you learn how to say no, you will learn how to stand up for yourself and how to become more assertive. This will prevent people from taking you for granted.

  6. 6 You will have more time

    When you say no, you will end up having more time for yourself. Many people who fail to say no find themselves forced to do things they don't have time for.

  7. 7 More self-respect

    When you learn to say no, you will have more self-respect since you will now be paying attention to your needs. This can in turn lead to higher self-confidence.

  8. 8 You will have more energy

    When you learn how to say no, you will save the amount of energy that would have been used in doing things that you didn't really want to do.

  9. 9 People will respect you more

    Even if people become unhappy with your response, they will respect you more. People might take for granted those who are overly agreeable.

  10. 10 You reduce stress levels

    When you say yes to things that you don't want, you will probably get stressed. Saying no allows you to get rid of this potential stress. See the causes of stress.

  11. 11 You will have more control

    Saying no will allow you to have more control over your life, as you will be able to decide what you should do and what you shouldn't do.

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