What are the 7 Laws of Attraction?

What is the Law of Attraction? What are the 7 Laws of Attraction? What are some of the Law of Attraction Exercises and Techniques?
7 laws of attraction

The human brain is responsible for reasoning and thinking. Your life is shaped by your thoughts and the way you apply them in your life. There are 7 laws of attraction based on your thoughts. In this article, you will learn about them along with the law of attraction exercises and other law of attraction techniques.

1. How does the Law of Attraction Exercises Work?

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It is a philosophy that suggests that your positive thoughts affect your life positively while your negative thoughts have a negative impact on your life. According to this philosophy, thoughts are a form of energy. So, if you have positive energy, you will attract good things in every aspect of your life like health, relationships, finances, etc. The next segment will give you a complete idea about the 7 laws of attraction. (See What is Human Existence In Philosophy?)

2. What are the 7 Laws of Attraction?

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Here are the 7 laws of attraction explained in detail for you to understand.

  • Law of Delicate Balance or Paradoxical Intent: A key theme in the law of attraction is that to achieve peace of mind, you need to bring balance to your life. For instance, if you want to live a lavish life, you should feel you are living one. It is all about your mindset because if you think about the things, you don’t have then you may lose interest in the ones you do. Life is all about balance and you should appreciate what you have and your achievements in different courses of life. Must read the 10 golden rules of life.
  • Law of Harmony or Synchronization: Everything is interconnected in the Universe. To experience harmony around you, you need to have harmony inside. Tap the power of the Universe with your harmonious mind, if you want to reach your goals. By keeping yourself harmonious, you will witness an increase in your mind-power and you will fulfill your desires easily. 
  • Law of Manifestation: You have full control over your consciousness. It means that your mind has the power to control things around you. You attract what you think in your life. Your thoughts bring the changes you want in your life. You can decide which aspect of your life you want to focus on. It is the most powerful tool because whatever you think will unfold someday in your life. 
  • Law of Magnetism: As per this law, you attract what you think. So, if you are giving out positive vibes and thinking good about everyone then you will likely receive the same positive energy from your surrounding people. Similarly, if you are thinking negatively about others, others might think the same way about you. We are made up of vibrational energy and the energy we give out returns to us like a magnet. You should radiate the kind of energy that you are expecting to receive. 
  • Law of Right Action or Conscientious Action: This law is similar to the famous saying actions speak louder than words. It is not necessary to announce the good deeds before or after doing them. Simply doing the right thing will bring more positivity to your life. The honor and integrity you give to others will return to you. Avoid things that go against your and others’ integrity. 
  • Law of Unwavering Desire or Pure Desire: According to this law, you attract what you desire. You are guided by your intentions and a belief that you deserve the things you desire. Again, it is your thoughts that make you achieve your dreams or lose them. If you desire something earnestly, you should not doubt yourself and you should have no fear. You should not worry about the outcome either because if your intentions are pure then the outcomes will be pure as well. (See Theory of Eternity of Life)
  • Law of Universal Influence or Expanding Influence: This law states that you influence everyone around you with your energy including your family, friends, and other people. This law emphasizes that everything is connected through its energies and energy can fill every tiny portion of this world. For example, if you are giving out negativity then you are influencing everyone negatively which in turn will influence people around them negatively. 

3. What is the Law of Attraction Techniques?

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You should ingrain a certain set of belief systems in your routine. It will help you follow the 7 laws of attraction easily. Here are some of them. (See How to Stay in the Present?)

  • Start believing in your energy: You should believe in a power that is greater than everything. If you are unable to achieve your dreams, look around and you will find people who are manifesting their lives the way they want to. You will feel if they can do it then why can’t you? and once the manifestation begins, you will begin your journey to become a believer. Check out the importance of books in our life.
  • Value small things: Focus on short-term goals rather than jumping straight to the top ladder. After achieving these short-term goals, your belief in your ability will increase and it will keep on increasing. 
  • Set intentions: Intentions are goals that you can set daily or weekly. Write down the things that you need to do that you often forget. This list must include the things that make you happy.
  • Be optimistic: You might lose control of your thoughts when things don’t go as you planned. Instead of getting jealous of the success of others, you should praise them, wish them good luck and be happy for them. This way you will give out positive energy from your side which will ultimately return in the form of success to you. 
  • Set up a vision board: It is a type of checklist where you have mentioned your future goals. You can make it interesting by adding pictures, ideas, and much more. It can be helpful when you face a setback and need motivation. 
  • Be affirmative: Every night before sleeping, affirm yourself with some positive and encouraging sentences. For example, I am a great chef. Remember to begin the sentence with ‘I am’ which should be in the present tense. You should use action words and keep them brief with intense emotions. 
  • Practice gratitude: It is necessary to realize the value of what you have to receive more things. You cannot expect to get the things you desire when you are always complaining. You should try to be more grateful and believe that what you have is more than enough. (See Benefits of The Elevation Experience)

We hope you enjoyed learning about the 7 laws of attraction. It is time to change your life by implementing some law of attraction exercises and the law of attraction techniques. (Also read What to Do When You Feel Like a Failure?)

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