What are Text Features?

What are the types of Text Features? Why are Text Features important?  How to teach Text Features for Fiction & Non-Fiction reading?
what are text features
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The story is an interesting work with lots of different genres and certain other supporting elements. It is not only the storyline that makes the story a popular one. Certain text features also add value to the text, like pictures, different text styles, etc. It assists the reader in relating and understanding the information provided. So today, we will learn what are text features and the types of text features. Also, this article will give you insight into how to teach text features? Continue reading.

1. What are Text Features?

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Text features are the features of a writing piece that can be an article or story which aids it. These text features help enhance the readers’ understanding by providing supplementary tools or components. These components are tables, charts, graphs, different text styles, etc. (See What is Intricate Text in Grammarly?)

2. Why are Text Features Important?

The text features are important components that enhance the understanding of the reader. It also helps in the reader’s engagement in the piece of writing.

3. Describe Types of Text Features in Brief

There are three types of text features:

  • Directional Features: It helps to provide directional knowledge and guidance to the readers.
  • Supplementary Features: The supplementary features are those features that are additional components to engage readers.
  • Visual Aid: These could include images or certain diagrams, which help to give a textual and visual effect together. (See What are the Types and Examples of Text to Text Connections?)

4. List 5 Text Features Examples

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While learning what are text features, it is essential to know some examples. The five text features examples are:

  • Table of Content: It is used to assemble the data into a systematic order. It also helps to bring out the comparison between two things.
  • Bold Words: It is a type of text that helps highlight some main headings or important points so that the reader may not miss the point.
  • Diagram: It is used for some pictorial representation of things that could explain a text.
  • Glossary: These refer to the meanings of difficult words provided at the end of the text, which assists the reader in a better understanding. 
  • Pictures: Pictorial representation is very important for the engagement of the reader. Also, check out what is an example of Expository Text?

5. Non-Fiction Text Features and Text Structure

Non-fiction text features are the same as the story elements in fiction. It helps the reader to have a better understanding of the text.

  • A map can be provided along with the text so the reader can locate the location.
  • Tables or graphs can be added for the numerical data.
  • Similarly, different font styles can help to highlight the main headings and important points.

Examples of non-fiction text features include a caption, comparison, glossary, and graphics. The text structure is how the author/writer arranges the information in the text. There are different types of text structure:

6. Fiction Text Features and Text Structure

While knowing what are text features, you might wonder about its structure in writing. Fictional writings are mainly based on the imagination of the writer. The location or characters mentioned don’t have a real existence. These don’t require any graphs, tables, comparisons, etc., in most cases. A few examples of fiction text features are title, headings, table of content, and images. Fictional text structures have literary elements such as characters, plot, setting of the story, and problem and solution. (See I Fly By the Seat of My Pants Meaning)

7. How to teach Text Features for Fiction & Non-fiction Reading?

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It is a lot of fun to know what are text features and to teach non-fiction text features. There are multiple ways of teaching a topic. One of the ways could be introducing the class to fiction and non-fiction text features. After introducing the concepts to the students, you can give them task cards for better understanding. Moreover, the teacher can play bingo with students for concept clarity. The fast finger method can also be counted in how to teach text features in the class. (See Why only 26 Alphabets in One Word: Ever Wondered?)

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