What are some good dares for texting?

Good Dares Over Text Messages? Truth or Dare Questions To Play Over Text!
What are some good dares for texting?
  1. Daring over text

    You must have played truth and dare many times, but daring over text can be something new. You can do this with your friends, partner, or even your colleagues. It can be interesting and exciting, plus you would be able to see the other side of the person you dare over text.

  2. How to play truth or dare over text?

    It is a straightforward game to play and understand, and when you play it over the phone, the rules remain similar as you play in person. The first thing you need to decide is whether two people would be playing or a group chat with multiple people. You can ask the person to record if they give a dare or video call while doing a dare.

  3. Types of dare

    There can be many dares, but you would have to choose what dare you would want to give to the person you are playing with. For example, if you are playing with your friends, it can be funny, flirtatious, but personal or a little sexy dares if you are playing with your partner.

  4. Funny dares

    Here is a list of some funny dares which you can try with your friend and family:

    • Make a song of your own, sing and record it.
    • Prank call a stranger and talk to him for at least 10 minutes.
    • Use a picture of someone you hate the most on your phone background for two days.
    • Go outside and dance like a cowboy.
    • High-five three random people outside your house.
    • Tell about all the things kept in your wallet/purse.
    • Dip a bar of soap in vinegar and lick it.
    • Dance with no music on the video chat for one minute.
    • Take a selfie blindfolded and post it on your Facebook Timeline.
    • Go and hug the first tree you see outside.
  5. Weird dares

    Dares can be weird and out of the box, making you feel shocked. Here are some of them:

    • Lick your armpit and send the video or do it on the video call.
    • Wrap your head with toilet paper like a mummy, click the picture and send.
    • Send the dirtiest text message you can think of
    • Make a prank call and scream for help.
    • Make a video doing the money dance.
    • Dress up as opposite sex and go to the market.
    • Clean your sink using your toothbrush.
    • Bite someone’s hand.
    • Wear your socks over your head for 15 minutes.
    • Taste one drop of coconut oil.
  6. Interesting dares

    • Call someone and confess your love for his boyfriend/girlfriend
    • Send the link of the last 10 YouTube videos watched
    • Dial your ex and leave “I miss you” message
    • Say your deepest secret
    • Call your mother and tell her that you are moving to South Africa
    • Do a sex dance with one leg
    • Send the ugliest picture on your phone of yours
    • Send the screenshot of the text inbox without deleting anything
    • Text your crush and ask them for a date

    Pick the third number on your contact list and send them a message saying, “I see dead people.”

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