What are some examples of homonyms in your language?

What are examples of homonym words? Words with the same spelling; usually also sound similar but have entirely distinct meanings.
What are some examples of homonyms in your language?
  1. What are Homonyms?

    They are the words with the same spelling; they also sound similar but have entirely distinct meanings. This word comes from the prefix “homo” as it means the same and the suffix “nym”. Homonym refers to both homophones and homographs.

  2. What are homophones?

    They are the words that are pronounced the same as another word but are different in meaning and are also spelled differently. For example-







  3. What are homographs?

    On the contrary, the latter are the words with the same spelling but have more than one meaning. For example, fair means appearance and reasonable as well, lean means both thin and rest against, etc.

  4. Examples of homonym

    Here are various examples of homonym in English:

    •Address – to speak to / location

    •Air – oxygen / a lilting tune

    •Circular – it is getting the form of a circle / a property advertisement.

    •Current – up to date/stream of water

    •Quarry – a place for mining stone / to extort or get slowly

    •Ream – a pile of paper / to juice a citrus fruit

    •Bright – very smart or intelligent / filled with light

    •Tire – to grow fatigued / a

    •part of a wheel.

    •Well – it means excellent health / a reservoir for water in the ground.

    •Ring – a band on the finger/anything circular

    •Lie – to rest / to tell a lie

    •Match – to pair like items / a stick for making a flame

    •Mean – average / not that great

    •Pole – a person who is from Poland / a part of metal which holds a flag

    •Pound – a unit of weight / to beat

    •Rock – a genre of music / a stone

    •Rose – to have gotten up / a flower

    •Spring – a season / coiled metal

    •Stalk – a part of a plant / to follow or bother someone

    •Tender – kind/offer of money

    •Right – correct / direction that is opposite of left.

    •Die – to desist living / a cube that is marked with numbers one to six.

    •Express – something that is done quickly / to tell thoughts by using words

    •Fair – equitable / beautiful

    •Jag – a sharp, jutted object / a crying spree Kind – type/caring

    •Arm – body part/division of a company

    •Band – a musical group / a ring

    •Bark – a tree’s out layer / the sound a dog makes

    •Bat – an implement used to hit a ball / a nocturnal flying mammal

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