What are Some Examples of Categorical Variables?

What are Categorical Variables? What type of Data is Categorical? What are some Examples of Categorical Variables? Is Height a Categorical Variable? Is Time a Categorical Variable?
what are some examples of categorical variables

The variables whose value we can put in the countable number of different categories or groups are called categorical variables. They are not the actual counts or measurements. In this blog post, let’s learn about examples of categorical variables and what is categorical data also known as. Also, you will get to know how to identify categorical variables and one example of a categorical question.

1. What are Categorical Variables?

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Categorical variables known as nominal variables are variables that can have two or more categories or groups. These categories and examples of categorical variables have no order in which variables can be assigned. (See What is the Golden Ratio face?)

2. What type of Data is Categorical?

The data that is categorized according to categorical variables is called categorized data. Grouped data is a type of categorical data. Categorical data can be classified into two types:

  • Nominal data: The data that does not provide a numerical value to variables is known as nominal data or numerical data. We cannot measure nominal data. Although, nominal data can be qualitative as well as quantitative. Examples include genders and words.
  • Ordinal data: A dataset organized according to its natural order is called ordinal data. It is represented through a bar chart. Also, check out the 3 types of computer language.

3. What are some examples of Categorical Variables?

Examples of categorical variables may be level of education, marital status, eye color, gender, age group, etc. 

4. How can you identify Categorical Variables?

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The variables that do not have a quantitative or numeric meaning but specify a quality or characteristic of something is called categorical variables. So, we can identify categorical variables according to this definition.

Example: High school results. The result has the characteristic that it is used as a birth certificate. Also, check out what is Algebra used for in real life?

5. What are the 3 Categorical Variables?

Three categories of categorical variables are:

  • Binary Variable: when a variable takes exactly two values.
  • Nominal Variable: when there is a lack of logical order in the values of variables.
  • Ordinal Variable: when there is a logical order between values of variables. (See What are the Types of Functions?)

6. What is Categorical Data also known as?

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Categorical data is also known as qualitative data as every characteristic of categorical data can be put in a single class according to qualities. (See What is 18/20 as a percentage?)

7. Which is an example of a Categorical Random Variable?

An example of a categorical random variable might be a rolling dice associated with different outcomes. Each time a dice will be rolled we would get random possible outcomes. (See Flip a Coin 100 Times How many Heads or Tails would appear?)

8. What is an Example of a Categorical Question?

One example of a categorical question can be where your house is located or someone’s hair color. 

9. Is Gender a Categorical Variable?

Yes, gender is one of the examples of categorical variables as it consists of two categories: male and female. 

10. Is Height a Categorical Variable?

Height is not a categorical variable rather it is a quantitative variable because it includes numerical values. The height of a plant or a tree could be 16 inches or 10 measurable inches. Also, check out what are some Two Dimensional art examples?

11. Is Time a Categorical Variable?

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No, time is not a categorical variable. It is a quantitative variable since it consists of numerical values. The time could be 60 sec, 2 minutes, 23.5 seconds, etc. Must read how many days are in February?

12. Is Age Group Categorical or Quantitative?

The age group is quantitative as it shows a quantity that can be measured. For example, if we are 20 years old then we know that this person is 10 years older than a 10-year-old person and 10 years younger than a 30-year-old person. Also, check out why is quantitative research important?

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